30 Phrases That Confuse Non-Americans

30 Phrases That Confuse Non-Americans. Have you ever gone to another country and heard a phrase that just didn’t make any sense? We’ve all been there, but that’s just the way the country is! They have their own culture, and it can be tough to understand from an outsider’s perspective.

In the United States of America, we’re not too different. We also have a great culture that includes delicious foods, common activities, holidays, and our own slang and phrases. Every year, the United States gets around 75 million international visitors, and one of the things they struggle with is how we speak. Not necessarily the English language, but the phrases we use. Heck, some phrases are regional and can even confuse Americans from other parts of the country!

We may throw them around like everyone knows what they mean, but some phrases are downright baffling. Often, it’s because the reference for the phrase is so old that many people have no idea where it came from. However, there are some phrases that are just confusing because it’s become the norm for the majority of us. Even though we use them on a regular basis, here are 30 words and phrases that make no sense to non-Americans, but most of us understand perfectly.

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