14 Foreign Bathroom Rules Every Traveler Should Know

When you go to the bathroom, how mad are you when someone doesn’t skip a stall? It’s just common courtesy that you skip a stall! Well, maybe the person using the restroom simply doesn’t know that this is etiquette. It may seem that it’s obvious, but what’s normal and not normal varies quite a bit between countries.

I’m going to tell you something: bathroom etiquette is something that's deeply important to me, both as an individual and as a member of the human race. Years ago, I actually went on a massive, public tirade on the subject (complete with diagrams) as a result of one poorly-designed loo. Still, we're bound by the cultures we grew up in. I've internalized the deeply-rooted shame at the core of American etiquette, but what about other places?

If you gotta go in another country, you may feel be worried about what’s normal – maybe even more worried when you realize there isn’t the classic toilet that we’re all used to! That can be a nerve-wracking situation when there’s just a hole in the ground. If you’re traveling, here are some things you need to know because when you have to go, you have to go.

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