Granola bars are an easy snack to bring on a road trip.

10 Best Travel Snacks

Eating on the road can easily become very expensive and very unhealthy. Many travelers find it easier to bring along snacks so they are able to eat lighter meals while en route. These snacks will preserve your diet and your bank account.

  1. Fresh Fruit
    Apples and bananas (or kiwis and mangos, if you are feeling more exotic) make for a great treat between meals. Fruit is sweet and delicious, but it doesn’t weigh you down the way that dessert does.

  2. Trail Mix
    The best thing about trail mix is that you can make it yourself and put whatever you want in it. Many people choose to add dried fruit, nuts, and chocolate for a good balance of flavors.

  3. Granola Bars
    These don’t require any effort on your part other than to buy them at the store. If you get them in bulk, you can get them for fairly cheap. It is always handy to keep one or two in the side of your bag for emergencies.

  4. Sliced Vegetables
    Carrots and celery sticks aren’t just served with chicken wings. They make for a healthy way to fight hunger in the middle of the day. For added flavor, bring along some hummus or ranch dressing to dip your veggies in.

  5. Crackers
    Whether you have them with peanut butter or you eat them plain, crackers are a great way to eat on the go. Find a variety that works for you, as there are so many choices available.

  6. Cheese
    Cheese is savory and filling. Plus, it goes well with many of the other foods on this list. Spread it over a cracker or munch on it by itself.

  7. Muffins
    Muffins can be baked (or bought) in large quantities, and they will stay fresh for a few days. So, you can wrap them in foil and throw them in with your luggage for a delicious breakfast or afternoon snack.

  8. Dried Fruit
    Many travelers opt for dried fruit or fruit strips when they are on the move. They have all of the great flavors of fresh fruit and you don’t have to worry about them spoiling if you don’t eat them right away.

  9. Popcorn
    You can pretend you are in a movie theater while you are exploring new places. Ration it out in plastic bags so you can keep it from going stale and also help with portion control.

  10. Mixed Nuts
    Nuts are salty and tasty, making them a healthier alternative to potato chips. Also, they are high in protein, so you don’t need to get that expensive sirloin when you go out at night.

Last Updated: October 27, 2015