Cabin in the woods

10 Benefits of Choosing a Cabin Over a Hotel

When you’re on break or vacation, it can be fun to stay at a hotel, but staying at a cabin offers its own benefits. It’s a great alternative and allows you to break away from the usual, boring hotel room. Here are 10 benefits of choosing a cabin over a hotel.

  1. Multiple people can stay in one place.
    When you stay in a hotel with a large group, you’re often broken up into smaller groups that stay in different rooms in different parts of the hotel. You’ll never have to worry about being separated when it comes to cabins. Cabins come in all sizes, so rent a big one, and every member of your group can be conveniently close together.
  2. You get more space.
    Big hotel rooms are rare and are expensive, if you’re lucky enough to find one. When you rent a hotel room, you’ll probably get a space that’s just big enough for a queen or two twin sized beds, a table, and a television. Maneuvering around hotel rooms can be a challenge, but cabins offer much more space.
  3. They usually cost less money.
    Since cabins aren’t found in the middle of the city, they’re a lot cheaper. You get more space, more time, and more money to spend around town. Depending on where you rent your cabin, it can be around $85 per night! Hotels of that price aren’t going to offer a whole lot.
  4. They often have more features.
    Because there is more room, you’ll also get more features. One of the best features of a cabin is a kitchen or kitchenette, complete with pots, pans, and utensils. You don’t have to eat out every meal when you rent a cabin, saving significant money. Simply stop by a grocery store and pick up food for your stay.
  5. They get you close to nature.
    Sure, the city is great, but sometimes you just want to get out of town. Cities can be loud, smelly, and crowded. When you’re on vacation, you don’t want to share it with the thousands of other people in the city. Cabins are close to nature, where you can enjoy scenery you’ll never see in the city, such as mountains, lakes, streams, and waterfalls. Forget the pigeons—think blue jays, cardinals, and canaries.
  6. It’s much more private.
    Since you’re renting a cabin, you’ll probably be surrounded only by the people you're with. A hotel can have hundreds or thousands of guests at one time. You can hear them showering, watching TV, and doing whatever else people do in hotel rooms. In a cabin, it’s just you and whoever you bring with you. If you want to walk around in your pajamas, go for it!
  7. There are pet-friendly options.
    Hotels aren’t too happy when you want to bring your dog, cat, or other pet along. There isn’t a whole lot of room for them, and forget trying to take your dog out to do his business! Cabins are pet-friendly. Whether you have a lizard or a cat, you can bring your animal along. Dogs have free range to run around and have fun. They aren’t restrained in a small 200-square-foot room.
  8. Parking is much easier.
    Parking at hotels is horrendous. You’re lucky if you can get a place in the very far back of the lot. Cabins will get you away from all those migraine-inducing problems. You’ll have plenty of parking space for all of your vehicles or a solid spot for just one. There’s no need to ever worry about where to put your car.
  9. They’re better if you’re bringing babies.
    Every parent knows what it’s like to have a crying baby and angry neighbors next door in a hotel room. Infants just aren’t the quietest bunch, but you don’t need to worry about disturbing others when you’re staying in a cabin. There are no neighbors to complain or beat on the walls because your baby is crying. Noise from children isn’t an issue—unless it bothers you.
  10. It’s a great change of scenery.
    Hotel rooms all look the same. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a view of the city, which is nice at first, but cities all tend to look the same after you’ve been to a few. Most cabins look a little different from each other and offer different views of nature. There is much more variety, inside and out. There are no cars driving around and no buildings ruining your view. It’s all just beauty in-the-raw.
Last Updated: April 05, 2017