Wealthiest City in Every State

According to the Amercian Community Survey's latest data release, these municipalities have the largest median household income in each state. We combined their income metrics by ZIP Code with city data to find out which areas were state leaders.

The median household income in the United States is $59,039. But to make it on this list, household incomes need to be at least double that. Many have median incomes of over $200,000! These places are truly where America's 1% live. And there are places that should probably make it on this list, but the Census Bureau maxes out their reporting at $250,000. Once a municipality exceeds that number, it's just labeled high earning.

The cities on this list are those for which we have actual numerical values, and they run the gamut from typical affluent suburbs outside major cities to small unincorporated communities that are "away from it all" in what seems like the middle of nowhere. Some places only have a handful of residents (living on expansive, luxurious properties). Others are full-blown cities with tens of thousands of residents who seemingly all have similar high-paying jobs. You might not be able to afford to live here at the moment, but you can dream, right?

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