Visiting L.A. with the Whole Family

When vacationing anywhere, it is important that you figure out what fits you and your family the best. From toddlers to adults, Los Angeles, California, has much to offer any family weekend getaway. Planning your L.A. vacation should not be hard because there are an almost infinite number of family attractions, hotels, and dining places that are kid friendly. Taking time to find the right venue for your family is probably the most crucial part of planning a family weekend getaway.

Castles, Waterslides, and "Teen Scenes." Oh, my!

Finding the perfect lodging is sometimes difficult when you have children. Many places will ask that you keep your children calm and quiet during the stay. There are a couple of key places in L.A that will never ask you to keep your kids quiet; in fact, they will encourage the joyous shouts, the excited pitter patter of feet through the lobby, and the hearty appetites of the little rascals.

Magic Castle Hotel

The Magic Castle Hotel is every child’s dream hotel. The place is designed like a castle. Children love feeling like they are princes and princesses, so there is no harm in letting them live like royalty while vacationing. The Magic Castle Hotel offers great amenities for children that include a 24-hour heated swimming pool, free breakfast, a free afternoon Popsicle, free minibar snacks, and free DVD movies to watch. An average room at the hotel costs anywhere from $220 to $400 per night, but you cannot put a price on the smile that will be plastered on the face of every little one that is running about. Many amenities are included as well.

Terranea Resort

The Terranea Resort is another fun-filled, kid-friendly place to stay if you are interested in vacationing to L.A. While the resort is definitely not a castle, it still has plenty of family-friendly fun and activities for all ages. The large, outdoor swimming pool has a massive waterslide so that kids and adults alike can slip into the pool in style. Other amenities include an arts and crafts section, games, kayaking, and surfing. To top it off, the teenagers will not be bored in the evenings because they have the "Teen Scene." The "Teen Scene" is a function for teenagers to go, hangout, and meet other teens their own ages. Families can join in on nature activities for $55 per day. Located about an hour away from most local tourist attractions, the resort is a semi-vacation in itself. An average room at the hotel costs anywhere from $250 to $400 per night, and it is well worth every penny.

Pizza Pies or Apple Pies? You Decide

The locals care about making everything family friendly. Because they care, most restaurants in the area have butcher paper and crayons at every table, and they serve very kid-friendly meals. Vacations are meant to be enjoyed by everyone, and that is why eating at a place that offers a variety of food choices is important.

The Apple Pan

All children love burgers and pies, so why not let them enjoy both at the Apple Pan? The in-and-out burger joint offers families a place to sit down and relax while waiting for their meals. Like most kid-friendly restaurants in the area, the Apple Pan has butcher paper on the tabletops and provides crayons to keep the children occupied while waiting for their food to arrive. The average adult meal includes a beverage, fries and a burger, and it only costs about $12.

Da Pasquale

This pizza place is sure to wow parents and children. The butcher paper on the table does not take away from the elegant, white tablecloths that adorn each table. The children can use the crayons to entertain themselves while the adults are able to feel like they are in a high-class restaurant setting. The dough for the pizza is handmade, but the secret marinara sauce is what everyone raves about. The food is delicious, the setting is extremely family friendly and the cost is about the same as eating at local pizza parlors.

Blast off to the Science Center

There are many local attractions in L.A., but some are definitely more fun and cost efficient than others. From nature trails to outer space, there is a little bit of everything on the list of things to do. The best thing about some of the kid centers is that they are extremely cheap, and the family can enjoy a whole day out on a small budget.


Kidspace is a branch of NASA Space Center that offers plenty of children’s exhibits. The center holds special events like autographing, live astronaut broadcasting and even and in-depth educational session explaining what astronauts do. For a low cost of $10 per person, families could afford to even pick up a couple of souvenirs in the gift shop.

California Science Center

The California Science Center offer a wide array of hands-on exhibits, demonstrations and experiments that will keep children and adults occupied for the whole day. The IMAX usually has a great choice of movies to watch while visiting. The science center sometimes offers discounts as low as families getting in for free, so if you are lucky you may catch one of those days. The normal price of admission is $8.25 for adults and $5 for children. While most people really love going to the science center, there are also several people who state that the best time to go is on the weekends. During the school week, the center is filled with classes, and it is easy to lost track of your child with so many kids running around.

Los Angeles is a great city for people of all ages to visit. If you are going to bring your children, make sure to take the time to explore some of these places. Now only will you enjoy yourself, but your children will have a vacation to remember for the rest of their lives.

Last Updated: June 08, 2017