the curtain opens on a broadway set

Top Broadway Shows for Kids

Many people consider Broadway to be a place only for adults due to its image as a traditional and somewhat stuffy venue. However, Broadway has changed with the times in many respects, and there are many musicals and plays that kids and their parents can enjoy together. Here are the top five Broadway shows for kids.

1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The rehearsal script was made available in 2016 in hardcover format, and it went on to sell 2 million copies within 48 hours. But reading this play and seeing it are two totally different experiences. As is becoming popular on Broadway, the production is split into two parts, so only seeing one will leave you with an incomplete story. We suggest booking part 1 as a matinee and part 2 the same evening. While the play, a continuation of the popular book and film series, has been receiving very positive reviews, it's the special effects that have been universally touted as extraordinary.

2. The Lion King

This critically-acclaimed musical has been holding strong on Broadway since its release in 1997, just 3 short years after the release of the 1994 Disney film of the same name. Featuring music by Elton John and Tim Rice, the score to the film was an instant success and was no differently received after being adapted for Broadway. Known for its excellence in costume and scenery, this top Broadway show will visually delight you and your kids at every moment. The Lion King is considered a must-see for spectators of all ages.

3. Aladdin

If you’ve ever wanted to see a flying carpet, here is your chance! Aladdin features one of these contraptions, along with a princess, a genie, choreographed fight scenes, and special effects galore. Known for its non-stop excitement, this musical will keep the entire family delighted for its entirety. Inspired by the Disney film, Aladdin is the story of a curious young man who finds a lamp containing a genie who then allows him three wishes. Throw in a bad guy, some forbidden love, and memorable music and you’ve got a classic performance that can’t fail.?

4. Frozen: The Broadway Musical

What kid doesn't like Frozen? Seeing the characters perform the action live in person will make the experience that much better! Being a Broadway musical, songs are important. So the creators have upped the ante by increasing them to 20 from the film's eight. Is it a little overstuffed? Sure. But even if it comes across mostly as a quick cash-grab by Disney, the whole experience is at least still enjoyable.

5. School of Rock

With music from musical theater legend Andrew Lloyd Weber and a book from writer Julian Fellowes (fresh off his completion of Downton Abbey), is it any wonder that the Broadway version of School of Rock found critical success? While this musical might not have the bright-and-shiny special effects of Aladdin or The Lion King, a story of renegade children forming a rock band will be sure to keep your little ones glued to their seats in interest. Plus, there's plenty of humor for both adults and children to enjoy.

Last Updated: October 25, 2018