The Least Stressed States in the Nation

Many Americans complain that their lives are more hectic and stressful. Some of the contributors to this are surely self-inflicted. Do each of your five kids need to participate in 14 after-school activities?

There are some stressors, however, that are environmental. And in a world that is already high-strung, eliminating as many environmental stressors as possible leads to healthier, more positive life outcomes. Wallet Hub has used a methodology to rank states on how stressful it is to live within their borders, not counting the choices that you make once you're living inside them. Consider it a base stress level. To compare states, they looked at four main areas: work-related stress, money-related stress, family stress, and health stress.

The data points to score these areas come from things like the average amount of hours worked per week, the average hours slept per night, the percentage of a state's adults in poor health, average credit score ratings, affordable housing, divorce rates, crime per capita rates, and the percentage of residents living below the poverty line.

Now we're not saying that simply moving across the state line will solve your stressful woes, but it seems like some states make it easier than others for their residents to live relatively comfortably.

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