In flight safety videos do not have to be boring.

The Funniest Airline Flight Safety Videos

Anyone who has flown on an airplane in the last fifty years has had to sit through some sort of safety demonstration. They can be dry and repetitive, especially if you fly often, but they are meant to protect you in the event of an emergency and also shield the airlines from any legal action that may have come out of an accident. Still, sometimes these demonstrations can be outright ridiculous. Here are a few of the silliest from around the world.

Delta Airlines

I understand that you want your video to be attention grabbing, but I think this may be a little much. The outlandish props, ridiculous puns, and other unexpected gags have given rise to a number of parodies on the internet. If you are watching carefully (and have way too much time on your hands), you may notice a woman with red hair who looks a little too excited when telling a man that he can’t smoke his pipe on the airplane. This is actually the flight attendant from Delta’s previous in-flight safety video. Producers used the cameo to please the cult following created by her earlier work.

Air New Zealand

The production value of this video alone is much more than you would expect from an airline safety video. As the scene begins, two men in suits (directly spoofing Men in Black) enter a government research facility carrying a small green creature in a bag. Air New Zealand even hired Rip Torn to reprise his role as Agent Zed from the film franchise by informing the “agents” that they will have to look after the passengers. What follows is best seen for yourself (spoiler alert: it involves the actors rapping about safety instructions). Air New Zealand is known for their humorous safety videos. Before this one, they featured one which was a parody of The Hobbit.

Virgin America

Keeping with the musical theme, this video puts all of its information into song form. In order to be understood by all passengers, Virgin America has even included subtitles of the song’s lyrics. The upbeat, soulful take on flight safety instructions is actually pretty catchy. The video also features an elaborate dance number which involves seated passengers. Realizing that most of the information provided should be common knowledge to the average viewer, the flight attendants mock those few who might not have figured them out. The video is a little lengthy, so it gradually adds more unexpected elements, including a young child lip syncing to a very deep voice. It gets a little weird.

Cebu Pacific

Instead of spending money on filming extensive dance numbers, Cebu Pacific tries to stick with the authenticity of live performances. Set to Lady Gaga’s “Just Dance” and Katy Perry’s “California Gurls,” the flight attendants dance around with the standard props as a voice over the speakers explains how they are to be used. Honestly, they actually have some pretty cool moves. This is a good idea. It is easy to tune out a typical in-flight safety presentation or even a video, but you aren’t likely to ignore the people shaking around right in front of you.


Last Updated: March 14, 2016