The Craziest Celebrations Around the World

Living in America, you’ve probably realized that we’re happy to have a reason to celebrate. We celebrate Pi Day, Groundhogs day, and even Pumpkin Chunking. We’re a weird nation, but we’re very fun people. It shouldn’t shock anyone that other countries also have tons of celebrations. While they may not be chunkin’ pumpkins, they could be throwing a bash for religious or cultural reasons. Heck, sometimes, they just want to get people together for a good party, because there’s nothing more enjoyable than getting together with friends and having a great time.

There’s no shortage of fun things to do out there for those who look. If you’re not afraid to experience another culture and jump in head first, then you can have a lifetime of experiences in one year – as long as your wallet will allow you.

It can be easy to get locked into your own cultural outlook, but it’s just a shame not to explore everything that’s out there. After all, there’s a world of experiences out there just waiting for you to enjoy! We have made a list of the most dazzling displays across the world that show you can have fun anywhere and with anyone.

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