The Cheapest and Safest Places to Retire Outside of the U.S.

Choosing where to retire can be tough to figure out. There are so many options, and the cheapest options aren’t always the safest. In fact, sometimes it seems like the two considerations couldn’t be further apart. Well, not for every country. Some actually are cheap and safe!

We forget about these places, but as a retiree, every area needs to be heavily considered. We listed some of the more important things to keep in mind, like healthcare and the cost of living. The sources we pulled from include Investopedia, Vision of Humanity, Expatra, and Smart Asset, as well as bloggers that live in the country being discussed.

While there are pros and cons in this listicle, we highly suggest any retiree do their own research before booking a plane ticket. Sometimes the immigration process can be difficult, which isn’t something you want to find out after being in the country for four months!

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