The 15 Best New Year's Eve Celebrations from Around the World

The 15 Best New Year's Eve Celebrations from Around the World. If you’ve never left the United States, you may think that we have the best New Year’s celebration. Watching the ball drop at Time’s Square is certainly one of the best. It can be a little crowded, but there are tons of people that are having fun (and usually drinking copious amounts of booze). Nothing says starting the New Year better than a hangover, right? All jokes aside, we do have a pretty great NYE celebration that many people travel to every single year.

That being said, it isn’t the only one. Many cities and countries have celebrations that can rival ours. Heck, some of the celebrations are a million times better. For example, Rio de Janeiro has two million people that come out, decked out in white flock to celebrate the final day of the year. There’s live music, food, drink, flowers, and dancing. Basically, it’s like Carnival in December.

We’re going to go down the list of the best New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world. Some of the best celebrations are right here at home in the United States, while others may require a bit of travel to get to.

Our suggestion is to use this list as a guide for an amazing NYE bucket list. Sure, it’ll take 15 years, but nothing is more enjoyable than travelling and enjoying a celebration with the locals!

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