Surprising Foodie Destinations Around the World

30 Surprising Foodie Destinations Around the World. Eating and traveling just seem to go together, and one can't exist without the other. Foodie travelers focus on making food a priority during their exploration that way. Foodies can experience the culture and immerse themselves in one of the things that truly make a place unique. Eating new food is a fun way to get to know a new place, food tours are growing in popularity among world travelers.

Cities and countries with culinary prowess can attract locals and tourists alike. There are tons of mouth-watering dishes and restaurants around the world to explore and try. Opportunities to immerse yourself in culinary culture are everywhere in the world. While there are ever-popular destinations, there are also a few not-so-popular ones you should look into.

There's nothing particularly surprising that the wine in Paris, the pasta in Rome, and the Barbecue in Nashville. It's all good food, but what else is out there? While there are undoubtedly culinary wastelands out there, good food can be found just about anywhere you look. There are a lot of gourmet foodie options out there, and these underrated foodie destinations offer a ton of distinctive cultural flare. So, come hungry for both food and immersion into some of the world's most incredible cuisine, and take a look at all these surprising foodie destinations.

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