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Romantic Getaways for the Perfect Couples Retreat

10. Spider Lake Lodge Bed & Breakfast

Hayward, Wisconsin

Spider Lake Lodge is located, well, on Spider Lake, a couple of hours outside of Minneapolis. The rustic, log cabin decor is just the right blend of posh and cozy, and if your room doesn't face the lake, it looks out over the garden. Start your weekend getaway with a home-cooked breakfast and end it next to the gas stove heater. There's plenty of outdoor fun to be had in the Michigan wild.

(image via ivylandstrom)

9. Story Inn

Nashville, Indiana

Story Inn proudly proclaims, "One inconvenient location since 1851." At one point, the community of Story was one of the largest settlements in the state, but after The Great Depression, the area never quite recovered. That just meant that when a couple bought most of the town to turn it into lodging, it was more or less untouched. The 19th-century settlement has tried to keep to the simple life—there's only one TV in the tavern—but if you're looking to reconnect with nature—or each other—in a gorgeous place without a lot going on, Story might be just the thing.

(image via jonathan_nesci)

8. Eureka Springs


We've talked about the tree house hotels of Eureka Springs before, but it never hurts to emphasize the town's love-nest potential. Filled with amiable hippies, the small-town feel is certainly nice, but if you'd rather avoid the downtown area and just cruise around the restaurants and forest views, nobody would blame you. The town's size and remoteness make it even more ideal—nobody will look for you there.

(image via cwsteeds, CC)

7. French Lick Resort

French Lick, Indiana

The French Lick Resort has just about everything you could need without having to leave the grounds, making it perfect for couples looking to be pampered for a weekend. If you want to take in everything the resort has to offer, then casinos, golfing, spas, pools, and more await you. That said, the hotels are historic and beautifully restored. Nobody would blame you for taking some extra time to thoroughly appreciate them.

(image via golf_pictures, CC)

6. Sedona


The gorgeous red sandstone of Sedona offers views at least as stunning as those of the Grand Canyon, without having to elbow quite as many tourists out of the way. Still, the town is very geared towards visitors. Whether you and your partner want a hotel, a bed and breakfast, a cabin, or a spa resort, you can definitely find the place that suits your mood. If you care to venture from your room, you can take in the scenery from a jeep, a hot air balloon, or a helicopter. And yes; you can head out to the Grand Canyon if you really want to.

(image via Don Graham)

5. Orcas Island


Another tucked-away small town with great scenery, Orcas Island gives you all sorts of ways to experience the Pacific Northwest. Whether the two of you want to stay in a cabin and go kayaking or rent a condo and cruise around in a yacht, you can do it here at Orcas Island. The coldness and remoteness of the town are a big plus, and it's yet another spot where there's just enough to get you out of the room once in awhile.

(image via sublimeandridiculous, CC)

4. Grand Hotel

Mackinac Island, Michigan

Mackinac is an island getaway that is so committed to the environment (and to being adorably old-timey) that it doesn't allow cars—the ban was put in place in 1898 and just stuck around. Visitors get around on a bike or by carriage. The Grand Hotel has been around even longer than the car ban, since 1887, and it's the perfect place to hole up before checking out the water or enjoying some of Mackinac's famous fudge. Breakfast and a five-course dinner is included with most rooms, and you can swing by to hear the Grand Hotel Orchestra play hot jazz at night.

(image via michaelnpatterson, CC)

3. The Wharf

Orange Beach, Alabama

Located on the Gulf Coast, Orange Beach is a lesser-known but great find among America's beaches. From the marina to the shopping district, to the 112-foot Ferris wheel, there's a lot to do in one weekend. You don't have to rent a condo at the Wharf itself to enjoy all that Orange Beach has to offer, but the view sure wouldn't hurt anyone's romantic mood.

(image via schram, CC)

2. Castillo Real

St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine was founded in 1565, making it the oldest continuously-occupied European settlement in the continental U.S. If that seems like a wordy claim to fame, then let the architecture do the talking. Old Spanish buildings dot the city, and their influence is seen even in the newer architecture. Of course, part of what makes it all so great is the gorgeous water the city sits beside. The Castillo Real is just two minutes from the beach, and its lavish, Mediterranean-inspired decor still manages to stand out amidst the beauty that surrounds it.

(image via zuzumel)

1. Aspen


We've already sung the praises of Colorado, but there's more to the region than the Broncos and Coors. This town is associated with ritzier ski lodges, but there are actually a lot of ways to enjoy the skiing, the pristine lakes, and the gorgeous Rocky Mountains. However you choose to do Aspen, it does get chilly, so you'll need to make sure you pretty cozy when night hits.

(image via asia_flights_hotels_cheap_travel, CC)