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Popular U.S. Honeymoon Destinations

Nearly every married couple goes on a honeymoon. With so many beautiful places to choose from, picking a destination can be overwhelming. In spite of the vast selection, there are some places, however, that are more popular than others. The following lists 8 of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the United States and what they have to offer.

  1. Maui

    While all the Hawaiian islands are beautiful, Maui seems to be especially popular for newlyweds. Maui not only offers gorgeous beaches and exotic resorts, but provides adventure as well. You can find trails for hiking, volcanoes to explore, and there's always surfing.

  2. Aspen

    Aspen, Colorado, provides a great winter honeymoon destination. Aspen is famous for its slopes, but there's more to do than ski. Couples can stay in beautiful resorts that offer a fireplace and a hot tub. There's also an elegant opera house that features everything from opera and jazz to Broadway shows and country music.

  3. Napa Valley

    One of the most gorgeous spots in California is in fabled wine country. You can view the lush countryside while on a balloon ride or on a romantic train while enjoying wine and exquisite culinary treats. Besides touring the wineries, newlyweds can go biking or explore the city of Napa.

  4. Naples

    Naples, Florida, on the Gulf Coast, is a popular resort town known for its sparkling white beaches and gorgeous sunsets. For those who want a little more adventure, there are historic gardens, a swamp sanctuary, as well as the everglades to explore.

  5. Las Vegas

    If you're like many couples who chose Vegas as their wedding destination, it only makes sense to stay for the honeymoon. There's plenty to do after getting married. You can explore the themed resorts and visit New York, Paris, and Venice, all while never leaving the U.S. Several hotels and resorts offer a variety of honeymoon packages.

  6. The Smoky Mountains

    Staying in a cabin in the Smoky Mountains is the perfect combination of romance and rustic adventure. Couples can visit the quaint town of Gatlinburg, Tennessee, or spend their entire time hidden away in remote areas of the mountains.

  7. Martha's Vineyard

    Honeymooners can enjoy beautiful South Beach and embark on a variety of boating adventures. There are also light houses and what are called "gingerbread cottages" to explore. You can choose an elegant inn, a resort, or a hotel to stay at. Those close to Edgartown Harbor and the waterfront district are always popular choices.

  8. New Orleans

    New Orleans in Louisiana offers the ultimate in romance and culture. Newlyweds can spend hours exploring the French Quarter or floating along the Mississippi on the Creole Queen. The historic Garden District provides elegant bed and breakfasts, stunning architecture, and an almost endless choice of exquisite dining experiences.

Last Updated: April 17, 2015