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Popular Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Las Vegas has many different venues that draw in thousands of people each year. A venue that brings a smile to many is comedy shows. Numerous shows and performers give people memories that can last a lifetime. Choosing from among the best comedy shows available make the decision process easier.

The Laugh Factory Las Vegas

The Laugh Factory Las Vegas is a comedy club that is known for hosting some of the funniest stars over the years. While there are other Laugh Factories in Chicago and Long Beach, the one in Las Vegas presents new comics each week with plenty of comedy every night. Each comedy night is held at the Tropicana Las Vegas, and it features two shows at 8:30 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Prices for tickets are $38.

Terry Fator

Families with children age five and older that are looking for a comedian who is sharp, witty, and has humor that appeals to everyone will discover that Terry Fator is the right choice. He is known for many things, but his impressions set him apart from competitors. He does impressions of Dean Martin and Lady Gaga. With his puppet friends Emma Taylor, Winston, and Monty Carlo, the comedy is always fresh and entertaining. Tickets begin at $60 and go all the way up to $150. Fator’s show is Monday through Thursday. Performances are at the Terry Fator Theatre in The Mirage Hotel and Casino.

Brad Garrett

Although many known him from his fame in the television series Everybody Loves Raymond, Brad Garrett has been doing standup comedy for years and has even performed for Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show. Starting in 2011, Garrett teamed up wit the MGM Grand to create Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club. This club features new and seasoned comedians on a nightly basis with Garrett performing as well. Tickets begin at $46.

Louie Anderson

Louie Anderson is a talented comedian originally from Minnesota whose Midwest humor connects with practically everyone. Guests can expect Anderson to cover a wide range of humor from his growing up in a family of 11 to simple observations on life. A benefit that can be appealing to families is that the age restriction to Louis Anderson LIVE is only 10. Tickets begin at $70. Anderson performs at the Plaza at 1 Main Street.

Mike Hammer

Comedy and magic are hard to create. However, Mike Hammer does a wonderful job at both. Each night, guests are in for the unexpected with pranks, gags, and plenty of laughs. His creativity makes him one of the most exciting acts on the Strip. The Mike Hammer Comedy Magic is at the Four Queens Canyon Club. The show begins at 7:00pm and tickets are $23.

Las Vegas has many excellent comedy shows. Each one brings a diverse set of guests together, as the shows are specifically designed for both adults and families with children.