Niagara Falls Attractions

While you are in Niagara Falls, there are several attractions that your family will enjoy. The natural wonders are the obvious draw to the area; however, that are many other attractions worth seeing, indoors and out!

Aquarium of Niagara

Enjoy seeing some aquatic animals while you are visiting the falls. There are many things that you can do at the aquarium including seeing the caretakers feed the penguins and viewing a sea lion show. You can also see shark feedings and participate in animal interaction programs where you get to pet some of the animals. It is open every day, and parking is free.

Helicopter Tours

This is a fun and breathtaking way to see the falls up close. The engines on the helicopters are quiet so that you can enjoy the peace of the falls and hear the pilot talk about some of the history. The helipad is located close to the Rainbow Bridge so that you can stand on the bridge before or after taking a tour. You can reserve a longer flight, and there are flights at night available as well.

Whirlpool Jetboat

If you like boats, then this is one adventure that you must try while in the area. Several people will get on the boat at one time. You will need a change of clothes as you will get wet while you are on the boat. There are two adventures to choose from. One is the Wet Jet. Adults and children can ride on the boat. The Wet Jet is an open boat that gives you a better experience of the falls, and it gives you an opportunity to get wetter than on the other boat. Your other option is the Jet Dome. This is a covered boat that gives you a chance to see the area under the falls while staying dry.

Hiking Trails

Explore the area near the falls by hiking along six miles of trails. You can travel down into the gorge to explore an area that is cooler in temperature with various rock formations, or you can hike along the Whirlpool Trail that takes you on the New York side. This trail will take you from the river to the rapids. If you want something that is leisurely without a lot of hills, then consider the Discovery Trail.

Aerospace Museum

If you want to do something indoors, then visit the Aerospace Museum. The museum offers a lot of information about planes that have flown in the area and some of the people who have gone to space who are from Niagara Falls. Army Blackhawks are known for visiting the museum, and while they are there, you can look inside. Adventure camps for children are offered through the year.