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Jet Set Like James Bond: 10 Locales from Bond Films

10. Ocho Rios, Jamaica

Film: Dr. No

Dr. No, the first Bond film, was shot largely on location in Jamaica. Some of the movie's action takes place in Kingston, but it's the northern shoreline you really want to see. There are endless waterfalls tumbling into impossibly blue pools everywhere you look. Check out Laughing Waters, the falls where Ursula Anders's famous appearance was filmed. For a bonus, go a half-hour west to the Green Grotto Caves featured in Live and Let Die, or travel a half-hour east to Goldeneye, Ian Fleming's estate-turned-resort.

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9. The Bahamas

Film: Thunderball

The Bahamas have appeared in Thunderball, Licence to Kill, and Casino Royale. Four other movies used the Bahamas to film underwater action sequences. It's not hard to see why. Clear waters hold treasures like the Andros Barrier Reef and the black coral gardens of Bimini. If you'd rather stay on land, history-minded people may find the old forts intriguing while others will be drawn to Atlantis Paradise Island, a resort that has taken up almost the entirety of Paradise Island.

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8. Jökulsárlón, Iceland

Film: Die Another Day

Jökulsárlón is a glacial lagoon in Iceland, a striking place where extremes come together. The lake itself has grown fourfold since the 1970s as the glaciers have melted, but the area is still beautiful. You can see the plains on the horizon when you stand atop Breiðamerkurjökull, a tongue of the largest ice cap in the country. The glacial field looks like something from a science fiction movie, and in some cases, it has been. The area stood in for Siberia in A View to a Kill and was the site of the Ice Palace in Die Another Day.

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7. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Film: Goldeneye

From the famous Monte Carlo Casino to the Circuit de Monaco where the Grand Prix takes place, the city of Monte Carlo is synonymous with luxurious frivolity. It's startling, then, that the city has only shown up in a Bond film once. In Goldeneye, Bond stays at the Casino de Monte Carlo before failing to stop Famke Janssen from stealing a Helicopter.

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6. Istanbul, Turkey

Film: Skyfall

From the natural beauty of the Golden Horn to the man-made grandeur of the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul is a historical, cultural, and natural wonder. It's here that Bond meets an alluring defector in From Russia with Love, where he stops a nuclear sabotage attempt in The World is Not Enough, and most recently the scene of an insane chase through the Grand Bazaar in the opening of Skyfall.

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5. Tokyo, Japan

Film: You Only Live Twice

Japan has the distinction of being the setting for nearly all of You Only Live Twice, one of the few times the jet-setting film series settled down in one location. The city is brimming with ways to experience Japanese culture, from food to sumo to kabuki theater, and the cityscape is a mixture of cutting-edge and traditional that's as jarring as it is beautiful. If you want a full Bond experience, stay at the Hotel New Otani Tokyo—the hotel was used as Osato Chemicals, the crime syndicate SPECTRE's Japanese front.

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4. Venice, Italy

Film: Moonraker

The city of Venice almost looks more like a setting from a fantasy novel than a real place on Earth. Spread out over 118 small islands around a lagoon, the city is traversed through a network of canals and bridges, and its buildings are largely constructed on enormous wooden platforms held above ground by stakes driven into the marsh below.  Bond has visited Venice several times. From Russia with Love sees Bond escape the city with the Russian defector Romanova. A large portion of Moonraker is set here, including the infamously divisive hovercraft chase, and Casino Royale's emotional climax sees one of the grand old city's buildings sink into the lagoon.

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3. The Alps

Film: On Her Majesty's Secret Service

The most extensive mountain range in Europe is synonymous with majestic beauty. From Heidi to Frankenstein to The Sound of Music, stories have used the natural drama of the Alps to enhance their own sense of scope. The setting has also served Bond particularly well. Connery trailed Goldfinger through the Furka Pass in the Swiss Alps, and On Her Majesty's Secret Service saw Lazenby infiltrate a spa-turned-brainwashing facility operated by Blofeld. The mountain range hasn't been used since the 70s, when Roger Moore's classic Austrian ski chase opened The Spy Who Loved Me, but the crew for Spectre was spotted filming in and around Sölden, so it looks like the Alps are once again getting their due.

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2. Miami, Florida

Film: Goldfinger

Bond doesn't come through the U.S. often, but when he does, it's usually through Florida. It was here that the famous "death by gold paint" occurred in Goldfinger, and the very next film, Thunderball, revolves around a plot to wipe the city off the map. Perhaps feeling like twice in a row was too much, the films didn't return until over 40 years later when Daniel Craig thwarts a terrorist bombing at Miami International Airport. As a tourist destination, Miami has a lot to offer, from its beaches to its vibrant Cuban-influenced culture, though some of that culture is currently at risk.

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1. Cairo, Egypt

Film: The Spy Who Loved Me

Egypt's capital sits on the Nile and is home to some of the most well-explored and beautiful cultural artifacts from the city's museums to the pyramids and Sphinx at nearby Giza. While most people probably think of Indiana Jones when they imagine action heroes in Cairo, Bond was in Egypt for most of The Spy Who Loved Me tracking down plans for a submarine tracking system and fighting Richard Kiel's iconic villain Jaws.

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