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Illinois' Best Waterfalls

10. Wildcat Canyon Falls

Wildcat Canyon Falls is located at Starved Rock, a seasonally-flowing, 80-foot drop. There’s an overlook along the rim and a staircase that leads you to the bottom. The sandstone canyons surrounding the area are gorgeous and more accessible for those hiking through the area.

9. Tonti Canyon Falls

Tonti Canyon Falls is another Starved Rock waterfall, which is only about 90 minutes outside of Chicago. The Tonti Canyon Falls drops down over an opening in the rock and then gently rolls off of it, for a total drop of around 60 feet.

8. Burden Falls

Burden Falls is located in the Burden Falls Wilderness part of Shawnee National Forest. This seasonal, two-drop waterfall descends20 feet over a sandstone ledge, then cascades down another 80 feet. A 100-footer might not be huge by national standards, but as Illinois falls aren't the tallest, it's one of the larger ones in the state.

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7. Cave Falls

Cave Falls is a 50-foot drop on Regent Creek in Shawnee National Forest. The fall is seasonal but easily accessible. Bechler Falls is also nearby.

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6. Cascade Falls

Cascade Falls is a 45-foot drop between two dells in Matthiessen State Park. It’s best in Spring, but even in Summer, when the flow drops off considerably, it’s still a beautiful place to see. The awesomely-named Giant’s Bathtub Falls and Lake Falls are both nearby.

(image via Flickr)

5. Waterfall Glen Falls

Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve is located in DuPage County. A ravine running through it holds the waterfall that gives it its name. Ironically, this is actually the result of a dam and not a proper waterfall. Still, the area is beautiful, full of hundreds of native plant species. It's actually an important conservation area due to the number of plants here that are threatened and "of special concern."

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4. St. Louis Canyon Falls

St. Louis Canyon Falls is another one of the Starved Rock waterfalls. There are actually 18 canyons in Starved Rock, and 14 of them have some form or fashion of waterfall. This is one of the better ones, though. The falling and melting snow in the winter makes for some great sightseeing if you go during a melt or after a rain.

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3. LaSalle Canyon Falls

LaSalle is another Starved Rock waterfall—a 20-footer that's one of the more likely ones to actually be running. The trail for this fall heads out east from the parking lot, and eventually meets up with a boardwalk. It's one of the easier hikes to see this type of stunning beauty.

(image via Flickr)

2. Falling Springs Falls

This 50-foot fall is located in St. Clair County off of I-255. The fall is actually visible from the parking lot of the Falling Spring Park, making this pretty hard to beat for accessibility. It's also pretty impressive, gushing out of a cliff the way it does.

(image via Watershed Cairns)

1. Fern Clyffe State Park Falls

There are a few ways to get to the waterfall at Fern Clyffe State Park. Waterfall Trail is described by the state as a "moderately difficult" three-quarters of a mile hike. Big Rocky Hollow Trail is a little easier and about the same distance from the falls. Bork's Waterfall Trail goes a half-mile towards the waterfall base. However you get to it, the 100-foot intermittent waterfall is something to see.

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