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Flying Business Class on International Flights

Flying in business class on international flights can be a nice way to avoid the discomforts of long-distance air travel. The seats are better and generally more comfortable, the attendant service is more attentive, and the quality of amenities stands out from those offered in economy class.

Flight Perks

One of the negative aspects of international flights is that they can be incredibly long. Flying business class makes the flight less of a chore and more of a mini vacation within the trip itself. Many of the seats in this part of the plane recline to a lie-flat position, which allow passengers to sleep and relax while on the flight. These lie-flat seats are the main difference between international and domestic flights. Those flying in economy class do not get such luxury; economy class, even for international flights, offers smaller seats that only mildly recline. Another perk of flying business class on international flights is that these passengers usually boards the plane first. Passengers who are able to board the flights first, are able to avoid longer wait times in line at the gate, which is generally uncomfortable and a hassle, especially when traveling with carry-on baggage.

Some airlines have really increased the luxury on international business flights. Delta, for instance, offers five-course dining menus from experienced chefs for its business class travelers on select international flights. Other airlines offer personal television sets with movie selections, noise-canceling headphones, music options, and video game options.

Attentive Service

Business class travelers also receive more attentive service during flights, as well as additional privacy. On international flights, there is a partition between the different areas of the plane. The flight attendants are much more diligent in serving those passengers who paid more, typically because there are fewer travelers to manage. Business class passengers will be given drink options first and also may be presented with pillows, blankets, or warm cloths. Many airlines offer different, higher-quality beverage and meal choices with to correspond with higher-priced tickets. Food and beverage options are also traditionally more numerous on international rather than domestic business flights.

Traveling business class on international flights has many advantages. The only disadvantage is that the price is much higher than economy class tickets. However, the extra amenities and comforts that are included in a business class ticket are definitely worth the extra price. Flying business class on an international flight means ease of travel, as well as a comfortable, pleasurable flight. It provides for a great start, or end, to a business trip.

Last Updated: August 28, 2023