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Each State Depicted by One Hilariously Accurate Photo


Everything about this picture screams ‘Alabama.’ This homemade fishing boat is made out of some blocks of wood, a lawn chair, and a car battery. Northerners may be confused by this interesting design, but the residents in Alabama take pride in this kind of creativity. 

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The only thing Delaware has going for them is that they were the first state of our country, oh and tax-free shopping. Not many people make Delaware their final destination, but if you’re driving through, make sure to at least do some tax-free shopping. 

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The state of Maine believes everyone needs to work for a living, even the prisoners. The State Prison has a program that puts prisoners to work making furniture, crafts, and clothing. Talk about equal opportunities!

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Hawaii isn’t just beautiful beaches and clear blue water. The Aloha State is home to many active volcanoes. What you see in this picture isn’t some pieces of wood, it’s a school bus that has been swallowed by hot lava after a volcano eruption. 

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Don't mess with Idaho! Residents are legally allowed to carry guns without a permit as long as they are in full view. You might not like guns, but what happens when someone breaks into your home? Who are you going to call? Someone with a gun! 

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This picture accurately sums up the state of Arkansas. There's not much to do except get outdoors and make up your own activities. Don't have a motorboat? No problem, just pull it behind a pick-up truck.

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Oh, Nebraska. Normally on road trips there isn’t an issue finding a nearby gas station or rest stop. But apparently, that’s not the case in Nebraska. The Cornhusker State relies on making their own rest stops, entailing of nothing but a toilet and some piles of hay. Just make sure to bring your own toilet paper. 


Go big or go home, right? The folks in Missouri live by this motto and drive all sorts of monster trucks. They even jack up their school buses, apparently. 

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Illinois’ crime rate as skyrocketed over the last decade, especially in Chicago. Because of Chicago police can now be seen driving intense-looking military tanks. Yikes!


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We all know, Kansas is located in the heart of “Tornado Alley.” This helps explain why The Sunflower state suffers from over 50 of them a year! 


The great state of Alaska is known for its wilderness. It’s probably the only state you will have the chance to see two bears battle it out in the middle of the highway. Do those bears care that people are trying to go to work? No way. 

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While Alaska has its fighting bears in the middle of the highways, Wyoming has it commuting buffalo that tend to take over the roads. It’s common for buffalo to cause some major traffic jams in Wyoming. If you're a fan of beef jerky, head on over to Wyoming. They have plenty of it to go around.


Louisiana is home to over two million alligators; the biggest alligator population in the United States. Who wants dogs and cats as pets anymore? Let’s just get pet alligators! 


Maryland is renowned for having the worst drivers in the United States. Perhaps it’s because the state is on the Maxon-Dixie line, so it’s a mix of fast-paced northerners and slow-moving southerners. 

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Winters in Iowa are freezing cold! The average temperature in the winter months is only about 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Be prepared to freeze even with your thickest parka and your wool socks.

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The beautiful state of Colorado is full of stunning mountains and some pretty interesting people. Known as the state of fresh air and free spirits. Colorado residents aren’t scared to let their freak flags fly. We wonder if it has anything to do with the legalization of marijuana?  

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Oregon, specifically Portland, is a hipster haven. The slogan of Portland is “Keep Portland Weird,” and boy they certainly do not have an issue living up to that motto. Oregon helps keep hipsterism alive. 

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Nevada is known for its insanely liberal laws, and America’s adult playground, Las Vegas. The state welcomes the humblest people from every walk of life. You’re sure to meet gamblers, prostitutes, and drinkers but you won’t see a single lobster. We guess it’s important to have some restrictions in life but lobster, really? 

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Ah, the Hospitality State. The good ole people of Mississippi aren’t going to let you go hungry. They will invite you over for some delicious ribs that have been smoked for hours (maybe in a recycled toilet), but they sure are delicious! 

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Fourth of July isn't just a one day holiday in Georgia. Georgians will find any excuse to sit their backyards, put some steaks on the grill, and shoot fireworks all summer long! 

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Unfortunately, Arizona ranks among the top 10 worst drivers in the US. But it's mostly just because they drive extremely fast. The state of Arizona is known to use humorous signs to hopefully get the attention of their drivers. Doubt it works, but good effort.

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Fact is, nearly every resident of Indiana has driven a tractor to high school at one point in his or her life. The state even has a day that is called, “drive your tractor to school day.” Can you imagine the blank stare you get when you mention this to someone who lives out of state? 


Many Americans are unaware that George W. Bush was actually born in Connecticut due to his strong ties to the state of Texas. Residents of Connecticut just don't want to accept that they are the true home to President Bush. Sorry, but you can't change the facts!

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The residents of Montana don’t play around when it comes to their hot tubs. They make them big enough to fit grizzly bears. We’re sure it makes for an interesting experience. Add in a few beers, and you’re definitely in for a memorable time. 

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Kentucky is famous for a few different things, but education sure isn't one of those. One thing that needs to be addressed is the fact that this sign was made by an adult, not a child. Yikes!

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New Hampshire

New Hampshire is full of people who are obsessed with Dunkin’ Donuts. They seriously just can’t get enough of it. It seems like there is a Dunkin’ Donuts on nearly every corner. 

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If you live in Michigan you better get used to the endless amounts of snow. Michigan experiences four to six months of winter -- always gray, always cold, and always snowy. 

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Even the residents of Ohio are aware that it’s one of the lamest states in the country. The Buckeye State honestly doesn’t have much to see other than miles and miles of farmland. 

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Massachusetts, home to some of the most “wicked stawms” in America. When you visit Massachusetts, you may need to purchase an English-Massachusetts English dictionary. The accents of these people are so thick that you can barely understand what they are saying. They even use their slang on traffic signs like so. 

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The Green Mountain State is known for its hippy communities and its moose population. It looks like moose love to cool off on a hot summer day, just like us. The people in Vermont are known to be super friendly and relaxed. Obviously though, who else would let a moose cool of in their pool?

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Utah is an interesting state to say the least. It’s the birthplace of Mormonism, and well you can see that from the car stickers you see here. Polygamy was extremely common in Utah back in the day, but today it’s not seen as much. But that doesn’t mean it still doesn’t exist. 

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South Dakota

South Dakota is an extremely rural state with miles and miles of farmland. People believe there are actually more tractors in the state than cars. Tractors drive on all the main highways causing some major traffic jams. 


The good people of Wisconsin seriously can't get enough cheese even the liquor stores sell cheese! Drive through a liquor store to pick up your favorite booze and some cheddar cheese.  Just remember,  no drinking and eating cheese while driving. 

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New Mexico

No resident of New Mexico will deny the existence of aliens. Most New Mexicans have admitted to seeing something strange in the sky, with over 1,000 sightings reported each ear. Sometimes, residents will find an excuse to even dress up as aliens. 

West Virginia

Welcome to the great state of West Virginia where shirts aren’t required, and mullets are highly encouraged. What’s better than a shirtles, overweight mountain man? This must be the reason the state’s nickname is the Mountain State.

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Oklahoma is never boring that's for certain. It's cold, then warm, and then cold again. It rains constantly for days on end and then they will have months of drought. They get snow, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes! And honestly, that could all be in one day. 

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Minnesota is one of the most northern and coldest states in the nation. The state has an extremely long winter, lasting from November through March. Daylight is short and the nights are long. Sounds incredibly depressing, but at least they have a sense of humor. To make the best of the massive amounts of snow, the state is full of snowmen drinking beer. 

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Pennsylvania, the land of the Amish. The Amish, a Christian group, have taken over rural Pennsylvania. They speak their own dialect of English, dress in very plain clothes, and typically have lots of children. 

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North Dakota

North Dakota honestly doesn’t have too much to offer, so the residents have to get a little creative. One of their favorite ‘sports’ is lawn mower racing. When they aren’t lawn mower racing, you can find them at church. The state has more churches per-capita than any other state.   

South Carolina

South Carolina fulfills most of the stereotypes people have of the South: super conservative, heavy accents, very kind, and maybe just a tad redneck. The moms in South Carolina are extremely good at multi-tasking. Just look at how she can hold her child, drink her beer, and look good while doing it! 

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If you aren’t a Volunteers fan, do you really live in Tennessee? People have a lot of stereotypes about what life in Tennessee probably looks like. But one thing is true, the residents of Tennessee are extremely loyal to their college football team. Although they hardly when, the fans stay supportive by painting themselves and wearing crazy outfits! 

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North Carolina

North Carolina is a beautiful state full of scenic drives and breathtaking landscapes. The state honestly has a lot going for it, but education is not one of those things. Clearly, they can’t spell to save their lives. 

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Rhode Island

Rhode Islanders have a thick northerners accent much like the Massachusetts accent, but maybe even a little stronger. It's almost like they have their own English language. They even use their wicked awesome accent on their street signs. 

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New Jersey

If you’ve ever watched the show Jersey Shore, you know exactly what New Jersey is like. Jersey is home to fake tans and spikey, gelled-hair men. If you don’t follow suit, you don’t get into the clubs. So, make sure you get your hair gel and bronzer ready for your next trip to New Jersey. 

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Virginians are very friendly people until they get behind the wheel of a car. These people have some insane road rage, and the fact that they just don’t really know how to drive doesn’t help anything. Virginia is actually ranked as some of the worst drivers in the nation. 


Could this be any more accurate? Residents of Washington constantly have to clarify if they live in the state of Washington or Washington D.C. How annoying! 

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The Lone Star state is truly one-of-a-kind. Put on your wranglers, your boots, and your cowboy hat and jump on the back of a horse. Forget about cars, horses are the popular choice for transportation. You can even go through a Whataburger drive-thru on your horse and forget about gas stations. In Texas, they have horse fueling stations.

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New York

New York isn’t exactly the cleanest state, especially New York City. The millions of people who live there don’t really help the matter either. The concrete jungle is full of rats and New York-style pizza. You may even get lucky enough to see a rat carrying a slice running through the subway. 


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Some people call Florida America’s armpit, and well they aren’t necessarily wrong about that. Florida has a little bit of everything: retired people, Disney World, beaches, and well this. The Sunshine State is known to have some of the most bizarre crimes committed by some of the strangest residents. 

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Surfs up! More traffic accidents than you would expect involve surfboards in California. Everyone in The Golden State is either a surfer or a wannabe surfer. Note to self: don’t drive behind a car with a surfboard on its roof. 

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