Cities With the Highest Population Density in the World

If you are easily bothered by your neighbors, then you don't want to move to these neighborhoods. Even sardines aren't crammed in this tightly!

These are the most densely populated incorporated cities in the world. That means that they are officially managed areas with a defined border. There are probably denser areas like slums and favelas, but those areas don't have defined borders or municipal services. Because of their unregistered nature, it is difficult to maintain their population counts and only rough estimates exist. Therefore, we're sticking with officially define incorporated areas.

Most Americans think of New York City when it comes to most densely populated, but it doesn't even rank in the top 30 in the world. One U.S. city does make it on the list, however. Just not the one that you think. While NYC has almost 25,000 people per square mile, our list starts at 53,000! If you visit any of these cities, we hope you're O.K. with small apartments and high-rise dwellings. And if you are taking public transportation, you may want to wait until rush hour is over unless you find a bit of pushing and shoving fun. At least you'll make some new "close" friends.

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