a branson magician slips a card into his front coat pocket

Branson's Mystical Magic Shows

Branson offers a variety of music, magic, comedy, and jaw-dropping action-packed shows to give your family a completely new and entertaining experience. On your next vacation to this city in Missouri, come and watch some of the top rated magic shows in the town. Take a break from the country music and comedy shows in Branson and enjoy an afternoon or evening of excitement with a spectacular magic show here.

The Magic & Comedy of Taylor Reed

With four decades of experience, Taylor Reed brings his comedy and magic show to Branson, MO. Audiences might recognize him from a stint on America's Got Talent, and boy does he ever! His illusions will leave you amazed and wondering how exactly he did that. But you won't have time to think about how he pulled it off for too long or you'll miss the many numerous jokes scattered throughout the performance. It's high-energy fun for the whole family!

Time: 2 p.m., 8 p.m. Price: $33 (19+), $13.50 (13-18)

Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety Show

This ultimate variety show will give you an enjoyable and entertaining experience. This is the only Branson show that includes mesmerizing illusion, brilliant acrobatics, mind-blowing magic, and much more. The show starts with the act by Dave and Denise Hamner, the two world-famous illusionists. This husband-wife performer duo has already performed on big stages at Hollywood’s Magic Castle, Disneyland, and Las Vegas. You will also see some amazing performances by other performers too. Some of the main highlights of the show include the acrobatics by a Russian acrobatic dance pair, Mariya and Vadim. This international dance duo performs amazing aerials, balancing acts, and stylish adagio performances right in front of you. Comedian Lex Pearson also offers some bone-tickling stage performance to entertain guests of all ages. The show also includes a performance by magician Johnny Thompson, vocal styling by Tamra Tinoco, entertaining magic tricks by Jeff Brandt, and several others just for your entertainment.

Time: 3 p.m., Price: $34.34 (13+)

Illusionist Rick Thomas Mansion of Dreams

Branson’s list of magic shows includes many illusion and comedy magic show combination performances. However, the illusion magic show by Rick Thomas is something different. There is no old-school trick here at the show by illusionist Rick Thomas. This magic show truly includes some great presentation skills, illusion tricks, and magic performances. This show also includes some spectacular dance performance by a group of ballroom artists. In short, this show combines a perfect mix of dance, comedy, magic, and music to create a perfect entertaining performance for your whole family. Rick also uses some incredible animal and bird assistants during his spectacular performance in Branson’s Andy William Theater.

Time: 2 p.m., 8 p.m. Price: $38.36 - $42.82 (13+), $10.70 (4-12)

Last Updated: July 10, 2019