Bizarre Negative Reviews of All the National Parks

From lush mountain forests to isolated deserts, national parks are supposed to be a celebration of this country’s diverse and gorgeous landscapes. However, they aren’t for everyone. Some people, driven either by curiosity or loved ones, go to these parks and feel so strongly disappointed that they must vocalize it.

Sometimes a negative review on Google, Trip Advisor, Yelp, or other site is warranted. That would be for the times when public services were substandard. Perhaps no one was at the visitors' station or the public bathrooms were in a state of disrepair. But there are other times where people don't seem to realize that their negative experiences have nothing to do with the National Park Service or the park itself.

There are times when the negative reviews on these travel sites are just plain bizarre. Granted, if you dig through the comments on any website, you are bound to turn up some odd things. Some people make mistakes, like those who choose to give one star (meaning bad) but then give a glowing review ("It was beautiful!"). Other times, it's clear people are just seeking attention and want to provide a laugh ("The Rocky Mountains were too rocky!"). But these last group of people seem like they can't be pleased. Oh, you're unhappy that the park is closed during a government shutdown? That's not the park's fault. Oh, there are too many mosquitoes? Surprise! You're out in nature! Again, that's not the park's fault.

Here are some people who just weren’t fans of what Pulitzer Prize-winner Wallace Stegner deemed "America’s best idea."

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