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The Best Brunch Spots in Each State

Persephone Bakery, Wyoming

Want a brunch made for gods? That’s Persephone Bakery! Located in Jackson, this brunch eatery bakes fresh bread and pastries every single day, which goes great their avocado bowls, porridge, and many other menu items. We also love the unique drink options, like the turmeric latte or the lavender-flavored latte (London Fog).

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Penny Clause Café, Vermont

If you want to feel cozy while eating brunch, Penny Clause Café in Burlington is your spot. It feels less like a restaurant and more like you’re at home in your own dining room. The lines are long, but getting there early ensures you’ll try the delicious food with a shorter wait. We suggest the Train Wreck, a buttermilk biscuit with sausage, scrambled eggs, and American cheese, slathered in gravy.  

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Wild Honey Bistro, Alaska

Located in Homer, Wild Honey is changing the game. Their goal is to serve food made with ingredients they harvested. Their page states, “We know the faces and the names of the people that catch, grow, and raise almost everything.” The bistro is only open for brunch 9 AM to 2 PM every day except Wednesday. They serve all sorts of stuff, from smoked salmon to delicious cinnamon rolls.

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The Shack on Broadway, North Dakota

The Shack on Broadway may not sound like much, but the name is deceiving! It has some of the best caramel rolls you’ll ever eat – seriously. They’ve won awards for them. They’ve also won many awards for their breakfast, so you have to stop by. The best part about this Fargo restaurant is that the prices are super reasonable. Fame didn’t get to their head!

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All Day Café by Minervas, South Dakota

Sioux Falls has a lot of options, but All Day Café by Minervas beats them all. All Day focuses on creating all-new original recipes with ingredients that are the best quality. Lots of reviews say that the service is stellar, with the food being just as good. While you will go for the eggs Benedict or the burritos, you can’t leave without trying All Day’s Bloody Mary.

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Egg, Delaware

Simple name, but it fits perfectly. This small breakfast/brunch place is a great stop. Egg in Rehoboth has a variety of options for every picky eater from something simple to peanut butter French toast and lemon curd crepes. Egg’s friendly staff are sure to provide a great experience that will make you come back for more.  

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The Grange, Rhode Island

The Grange isn’t your typical brunch place – it’s exclusively vegetarian. Located in Providence, The Grange has excellent food and even better waitstaff. Some reviews do say that the prices are a bit high, but that’s par-for-the-course for vegetarian food. Even if you love meat, this restaurant is worth a try, especially for their tacos!

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Jam!, Montana

Jam! certainly sounds like the type of place that serves delicious brunches. Sure, there’s a lot of jam, but there’s so much more. The eatery is particularly known for the artsy environment. Naturally, it also has quite a few creative dishes, as well, including things like gluten-free flax coconut banana pancakes. Don’t worry! If you love the classics, this Bozeman restaurant has it all. However, it’s no surprise that the signature jam is one of the best things on the menu.

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Bayside American Cafe, Maine

Located in Portland, Bayside American Cafe is the epitome of Maine. The breakfast menu offers dishes like Gulf shrimp scampi scramble and house-smoked salmon. There are also sweet dishes like Maine blueberry and cinnamon bun pancakes. Basically, there’s something for everyone. It’s a small place, however, so expect a bit of a wait.

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STREET, New Hampshire

STREET, located in Portsmouth, is a place everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes. They have an absolutely delicious brunch with a unique menu that features foods from around the world. While the eatery has typical foods like eggs Benedict, it also has stuff like okonomiyaki (a Japanese omelet that looks straight out of a Miyazaki film), bibimbap, Korean fried chicken, gobi, and pozole.  

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Koko Head Café, Hawaii

Located in Honolulu, Koko Head Café has taken the area by storm. It’s become one of the best daily brunch spots in Hawaii. It expertly combines Hawaiian cuisine with other Asian dishes like kimchi and bibimbap. Guests say there’s a bit of a wait, but that just shows how delicious it is. Every one of them says it’s worth the line.

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First Watch, West Virginia

Not sure if you want traditional brunch or something a little more creative? First Watch is the restaurant you’re looking for. Located in Charleston, this brunch is everything you could want and more. It’s an award-winning eatery that serves things like farmhouse hash (cage-free eggs, potatoes, and bacon), frittatas, waffles, and quinoa bowls.

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Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro, Idaho

Sometimes all you need is the classics. Goldy’s Breakfast Bistro has a handle on that. Located in Boise, this breakfast joint attracts people for several reasons. The staff is utterly amazing, the prices are great, and the food? Well, the food speaks for itself. People can’t praise the eggs Benedict enough, but we’re partial to Goldy’s special potatoes with pancakes.  

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Early Bird, Nebraska

It isn’t just the early bird that gets the brunch! At the Early Bird in Omaha, everyone gets delicious pancakes, signature cocktails, and so much more. This restaurant is known for its creative foods, particularly something called “cereal killer” which is a sweet vanilla glaze over your favorite childhood cereal. There’s also breakfast nachos and six types of eggs Benedict.

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The Pantry, New Mexico

The Pantry looks humble, but it should shout to the rooftops about the food! Located in Santa Fe, The Pantry has been around since 1948. It’s one of New Mexico’s most famous restaurants, and also a place where you can get a finger-licking brunch. Their New Mexican specialties are what really draws in people, with menu items including blue corn cinnamon pancakes, huevos rancheros, chile Relleno omelets, and more.

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Doo-Dah, Kansas

Not only does Doo-Dah have the best brunch in the state, but it’s also the best diner in Kansas. People rave about the eggs Benedict and the monkey bread, but they also have dishes that will warm your soul, like a fried bologna and egg sandwich. Doo-Dah was also ranked as one of the best breakfast restaurants in Kansas by People Magazine.  

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Table 100, Mississippi

Table 100 is definitely upscale, but it’s a great spot for someone that wants a relaxing brunch. During Table 100’s brunch, live jazz music is played to accompany the hearty Southern dishes such as Gulf shrimp and grits or a brisket and egg melt. Reviews say it’s the best service and food you’ll ever experience. Table 100 is located in Flowood.

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The Root Café, Arkansas

The Root in Little Rock is one of the more unique restaurants in Arkansas. The menu sources local food when possible and serves everything from purple-hull peas and cornbread to country fried tofu with vegan gravy. The atmosphere is one thing that makes it so different – it feels both down-to-earth and country while also being artsy and funky. It’s definitely worth stopping by if you’re in the natural state!

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The Lazy Dog Restaurant & Bar, Nevada

A huge reason we like the Lazy Dog in Las Vegas is that it’s a pet-friendly restaurant. Nothing says “great brunch” like chowing down with your best friend. The food is so good that we can’t put it into words. The menu has a variety of things from steak and eggs Benedict to a “hangover burrito,” with chorizo, eggs, Cajun fries, cheese, and a tomatillo sauce. If you’re craving something sweet, we suggest the huckleberry pancakes.

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Pullman Bar & Diner, Iowa

Pullman Bar & Diner, located in Iowa City, has been open since 2015, and it didn’t take long for them to make their mark. Their brunch menu is served on Saturday and Sunday and features delicious fresh foods like tuna tartine, pancakes, breakfast tacos, and so much more. They have plenty of cocktails, but their coffee “Counter Culture” is a huge draw for many guests.

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The Park Café, Utah

Located in Salt Lake City, the Park Café is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat. Instead of trying to be upscale, The Park Café focuses on what’s important – delicious classics that will make you want to return. Lots of people rave about the French toast and hash, but we’re partial to biscuits and gravy. Another great thing about The Park Café? The prices are reasonable, but the portions are huge.

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The Corner Restaurant, Connecticut

Most restaurants have a brunch menu, but it’s worth it visiting the places that specialize in the meal. That’s the Corner Restaurant (at least in Connecticut). This delicious Milford eatery specializes in brunch, and they’ve obviously got a knack for it. While there are dialed-down, simple meals, there are also unique dishes like African Hash and Malaysian Spiced Pulled Pork. Is your mouth watering yet?

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Cafe Kacao, Oklahoma

Cafe Kacao isn’t as famous as other brunch places in Oklahoma City, but it should be! They serve brunch every single day, and it has the best Cuban menu we’ve seen (even better than some places in Florida). You can taste dishes like Tostadas, Cuban omelets, huevos rancheros, and motuleño.

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Screen Door, Oregon

The line at Screen Door in Portland is long, but there’s a solid reason for that – the food is delicious. Some reviews even call it “life-changing.” This Portland restaurant serves some of the best soul-food you’ll ever eat, and brunch is one of the best times to visit. One thing you have to try when you visit: chicken. Doesn’t matter how it’s cooked, just try the chicken.  

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Con Huevos, Kentucky

Louisville is the brunch capital of the country, and there are so many restaurants to choose from. Of those, Con Huevos seems to be one of the best. Why? They’ll have the best Huevos Rancheros you’ll ever eat. Other than the eggs, their pancakes are sublime. Plus, they serve Cuban coffee! What are you waiting for?  

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Brennan’s, Louisiana

Walking into Brennan’s feels as though you stepped back in time. It’s been around since 1946 and still has a similar vibe. While the food is delicious, many people visit because of the desserts. The bananas Foster is one of the most-ordered dishes, particularly since it’s flambéed at your table! You can dine at this restaurant in New Orleans.

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The Fig Tree Cafe, Alabama

You can’t beat southern brunch. Located in Birmingham, the Fig Tree Café is one of the best places to grab a bite to eat. They have southern recipes like fried green tomatoes as well as shrimp and grits, but everything has a modernized twist. The catering portion of the restaurant has been around since 2013, but the chef wasn’t able to start a café until 2014.

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Java Burrito Computer, South Carolina

Java Burrito Company in Hilton Head Island may look expensive, but it really isn’t. The food is Mexican-inspired and sourced from local, organic farms, so you know exactly where your food is coming from. For brunch lovers, they have some of the best coffee and cocktails around.

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The Kenwood, Minnesota

Located in Minneapolis, The Kenwood is an all-day bistro that’s becoming one of the most popular restaurants in the state. The atmosphere is a little classy and a little hipster, but it’s all fantastic, especially the food. There’s food like shrimp congee, homemade granola, and upscale stuff such as mussels in pistou broth.

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Denver Biscuit Company, Colorado

This one was a given. This brunch spot has been featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives and other Food Network shows. It took six months to perfect the recipe, but it’s been a hit with locals and tourists alike. The menu revolves around everything biscuits from biscuit sandwiches to biscuit cinnamon rolls. If you’re planning a visit, we suggest the cinnamon rolls (with bacon).

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Blue’s Egg, Wisconsin

Blue’s Egg in Milwaukee is the place true brunch lovers flock to while in Wisconsin. What’s awesome about this place is that it feels upper -class without having to spend all the extra moolah. The food is pretty creative, but the cocktails are even more thought-out. Don’t be worried if the line looks super long because the waitstaff is usually great about keeping things moving.  

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Cava Mezze, Maryland

Cava Mezze, located in Baltimore, is a little different compared to some of the other stuff on this list – it’s a buffet! During brunch, the restaurant offers an all-you-can-eat buffet where you can choose from a variety of items. The eatery also has an a la carte menu with some upscale options like a spicy lamb Benedict.

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The Corner Restaurant, Missouri

The Corner Restaurant in Kansas City is the happening brunch spot! It has a very relaxed atmosphere and serves classic American dishes we all crave to pair with our mimosa. There are also creative items on the menu like polenta pancakes with oyster mushrooms, shallot butter, white wine, and thyme. Did we mention that the food is locally sourced? This place couldn’t be any better.

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Milktooth, Indiana

Milktooth isn’t cheap, but it’s worth every penny. The artisan menu is truly unique, including things like sourdough waffles and heirloom blue corn grits. Pretty much everything on the menu is strange, but locals and tourists love it. The restaurant has a bit of a wait, but pro tips say to arrive early for a minimal wait.  

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Biscuit Love, Tennessee

Biscuit Love has been around for five years, and people have been raving since they opened. This delicious brunch eatery has three locations – two in Nashville and one in Franklin. As per the name, most of the dishes revolve biscuits, but we can all agree it’s one of the best things to eat for brunch. The “East Nasty” was also named the best sandwich in America by Bon Appetit!

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Saltie Girl, Massachusetts

This Boston restaurant will change you forever. You’ll never want toast again after eating Saltie Girl’s variety of options, including snow crab (with avocado and pistachios) and aged steak tartare (with truffle aioli and a quail egg). This restaurant was also Boston Globe’s 2018 “Munch Madness” winner, a competition where people vote for the best restaurant in Boston.

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Prep & Pastry, Arizona

Prep & Pastry believes that “brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast.” It says so on their website, and we’re inclined to agree. This delicious eatery has three locations, two in Tucson and one in Scottsdale. Prep & Pastry has a great menu for eaters of all types from a simple breakfast to a cast-iron duck confit! There’s also a good-sized vegan menu.

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Biscuit B*tch, Washington

Biscuit B*tch may not have the most inviting name of any restaurant on this list, but you’d be missing delicious brunch by not visiting. There are four locations throughout Seattle, which makes it easy to try their southern-inspired food. The menu offers a variety of things, but you should always try the biscuits and gravy.  

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Perly’s, Virginia

Perly’s, located in Richmond, has been open forever! The menu is almost like a New York deli, but with a creative Jewish twist. One thing people love the most is their Breakfast Bagel Sammys, a toasted bagel sandwich with pastrami, sautéed onions, scrambled eggs, and cheese. Anytime you’re in Richmond, Perly’s is the place to be. 

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Tops Diner, New Jersey

This one was easy – Tops Diner in East Newark. Tops has been an iconic restaurant in New Jersey for a while now. They have some of the best brunch items in the state and service to match. The classics are what draw people in and make them regulars for life, but there are some standout menu items such as the crab Benedict, French toast with Taylor ham, and char-grilled sirloin. 

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Dime Store, Michigan

Dime Store may not sound appealing, but trust us on this one. Right in the heart of Detroit, Dime Store is one of the hidden gems everyone should visit in their lifetime. Most of the food is sourced from local people, and the menu features a ton of upscale foods like duck hop hash and homemade sausage. This place is too good to miss.

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Sunny Point Café, North Carolina

This restaurant is one of the best-rated on our list, and we don’t say that lightly. With nearly 3,000 reviews, Sunny Point Café has a 4.8 rating – crazy! This Asheville restaurant is family-owned and has a fantastic brunch (of course!). While the wait is a little long, the portions are pretty big and delicious. One favorite is their four-egg omelets, but others prefer the French bread.   

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Hen Mother Cookhouse, Georgia

Sometimes the best restaurants are hidden away, and that’s the case for Johns Creek breakfast eatery Hen Mother Cookhouse. Georgia residents couldn’t choose a better place to grab brunch. It has strong southern vibes (naturally), and some of the best pancakes you’ll ever eat. Their Fluffy Brown Butter Buttermilk Pancakes are one of the best and most popular, especially since they’re the size of an entire cake!

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Maplewood Kitchen and Bar, Ohio

The Maplewood Cafe may be in Ohio, but it’s very Californian. What do we mean by that? The menu is pretty fresh and west coast with things like avocado Benedict, lemon ricotta pancakes, and a pastel omelet (with eggs mushrooms, fontina, and asparagus). The food is as locally sourced as possible, and the restaurant uses cage-free eggs. You see the Cali in it now, right?

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Ovo Frito Café, Illinois

Chicago has some of the best restaurants in the world, including Ovo Frito Café. This Illinois eatery specializes in breakfast and brunch, providing five-star food at an affordable price. What really draws customers is the service. The servers work together to ensure guests are happy, including always making sure you never reach for an empty drink.

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Cafe La Maude, Pennsylvania

Cafe La Maude is a French-Lebanese restaurant in Philadelphia, and it’s incredibly unique. It combines Middle Eastern flavors with French cuisine to make foods like sweet potato eggs Benedict. Better yet, the portions are pretty large. This restaurant hands-down has the best brunch in Pennsylvania.

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Balthazar Bakery, New York

You can’t get better than a French bakery. This little spot, located in New York City, serves incredibly fresh bread that’s baked daily. Many reviewers say it’s some of the best food they’ve ever had, and others say it’s their regular breakfast/brunch spot. From tarts to croissants, you gotta try all these flakey foods.

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Café Tu Tu Tango, Florida

Next time you’re in Orlando, visit Café Tu Tu Tango. This restaurant is certainly one-of-a-kind. It’s steeped in the art scene. Local artists paint while patrons dine, and they offer their pieces up for sale. The food is super good, but many people visit Café Tu Tu Tango just for the sangria menu. Since it’s Florida, it also has some pretty interesting foods like alligator bites and Cajun chicken egg rolls. 

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The Breakfast Klub, Texas

You won’t ever forget the Breakfast Klub. This delicious restaurant is diner-style with some of the best chicken and waffles you’ll ever eat – a southern specialty. The waiters are friendly and fast, but you still have plenty of time to enjoy the artsy vibe of this eatery. The Breakfast Klub is located in Houston.  

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Zazie, California

French restaurants pretty much dominate California’s best brunch spots. Republique is a great spot, but we think Zazie of San Francisco beats it for a few reasons. Zazie has been around since 1992 and is super creative. It includes dishes like La Mer Benedict with avocado and hand-picked California Dungeness crab as well as classic French dishes like Ahi Tuna Salade Niçoises. Zazie also pays staff a living wage (with 401k and benefits), so tips aren’t expected.  

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