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America's Snowiest Winter Wonderlands

10. South Bend, Indiana

Average Annual Snowfall: 60 inches

Just south of the University of Notre Dame, South Bend finds itself in the middle of picturesque winters. While snow normally begins in late October, January is almost always the snowiest month in this Indiana town. The city experiences an average of 44 snowy days each year.

(image via IU South Bend)


9. Cleveland, Ohio

Average Annual Snowfall: 60.3 inches

Apart from being the home of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland is known for its snowy winters. Because the town is spread out, not every neighborhood experiences the same conditions. For example, the east side of the city normally receives much more snow than the west side, giving rise to the eastern side's nickname of “the Snow Belt.”

(image via soulnotes, CC)


8. Duluth, Minnesota

Average Annual Snowfall: 62.7 inches

Duluth experiences an influx of precipitation all year long, sometimes resulting in serious flooding. So in winter, locals know to expect snow. From late November to late March, the town earns its nickname (“The Air-Conditioned City”) with temperatures falling to or below 0°F on an average of 41 nights.

(image via travelingotter, CC)


7. Grand Rapids, Michigan

Average Annual Snowfall: 65.8 inches

Grand Rapids has a humid continental climate, giving it hot, muggy summers and chilling, snowy winters with very little space in between for autumn or spring. Combined with the winds that blow off Lake Michigan, the climate becomes a breeding ground for blankets of snow each year.

(image via teachaboy, CC)


6. Utica, New York

Average Annual Snowfall: 77.5 inches

Receiving lake-effect snow from both Lake Erie and Lake Ontario, Utica plummets to colder temperatures than most other Great Lakes cities. The people of Utica have figured out a way to profit from their winter weather. For years, the have attracted travelers by offering snow tubing. Visitors bring their families and slide down the frozen hills.

(image via Hitesh Italiya)


5. Flagstaff, Arizona

Average Annual Snowfall: 81.7 inches

If you aren’t from the American Southwest, then the addition of this city might surprise you. However, Flagstaff is placed between Mount Elden and Humphreys Peak, the highest point in the state. This high elevation provides this Arizona town with blankets of snow each winter.

(image via billmorrow, CC)


4. Buffalo, New York

Average Annual Snowfall: 82.9 inches

If you’ve never traveled to Buffalo, then you probably only hear about it in winter when your aunt posts pictures online of buildings covered in snow. Well into July of this year, there was still a 12-foot-tall pile of snow that had yet to melt. If you are looking for a summer ski destination, look no further.

(image via quintanomedia, CC)


3. Rochester, New York

Average Annual Snowfall: 87.8 inches

By now, you’ve probably realized that upstate New York is not the place to live if you don’t like snow. Rochester is one of five towns in the state which have made a competition out of the season. Each year, the town vies for the Golden Snowball, awarded to whoever receives the most snowfall.

(image via Luke McKernan, CC)


2. Erie, Pennsylvania

Average Annual Snowfall: 89 inches

For many people who grew up in the 90s, Erie is known as being the setting for That Thing You Do. Come winter, it gets the brunt of much of the harsh winter weather blowing off the lake which gives the town its name. There are, however, stretches during the season which cause much of the snow to melt.

(image via Glass House Inn)


1. Syracuse, New York

Average Annual Snowfall: 110 inches

It’s not even close. With an average snowfall 20 inches greater than the nearest competitor, Syracuse takes the crown for the American city with the most snow. As you would imagine, the citizens of the town know how to handle themselves even in severe weather. Business doesn’t shut down for just a light dusting.

(image via mattcc716, CC)