America's Snowiest Winter Wonderlands

Where is America’s snowiest winter wonderlands? As it moves into the colder months, people are thinking about the first (or next) snow of the season. Some people dread this time of the year because they can’t get out of the house or it’s just plain miserable walking outside when the temperatures are dipping into the single digits. We didn’t make this slideshow for those people!

Instead, this slideshow is designed for people that absolutely adore winter weather. These are the people that look forward to snow when they see it on the forecast. They sit in anticipation, watching as the winter storm moves in. Unfortunately, not every winter lover gets to have the same amount of snowfall. Some states don’t really get anything at all, so what are you to do?

Visit another place! This gives you the chance to enjoy the powdery stuff without having to deal with anything else. The first place most of us think when it comes to snow is “Colorado,” because the state is super fun, frankly. Interestingly enough, there are also plenty of other places that have amazing winter wonderlands! You don’t need to focus on the same state you’ve seen a million times. Instead, try to give one of these flurry states a shot.

Keep in mind that every state will have a unique type of weather. Don’t expect the powder to be exactly the same. Although, we think that experiencing a new type of powdery precipitation is half the fun.

Which city is your favorite?

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