All-Inclusive Disney Travel

All-inclusive Disney packages cover a wide range of items, but they are not all the same. You think about the hotel room, food, and travel costs. Also, you have to buy tickets to get into the parks. You have to make careful choices when planning your next Disney vacation, and each of the items below should be thought over before you book.

  1. Accommodations

    The accommodations at Disney Parks are various. You could stay at one of many hotels on the Disney World property, and these hotels all have different themes. However, each hotel has a different going rate. You could pay up to $400 a night for a room at the Contemporary Resort, but there are rooms at the All-Star Resorts that are just under $100 a night. The trip may be all-inclusive, but all the hotels are not the same price.

  2. Dining

    There are multiple dining packages you can choose from. You could spend a great deal of money on a package that gives you a nice sit-down meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. There are other meal plans that pay for quick-service meals instead, and every plan offers a snack or two per day.

    Your vacation package may include dining, but you have to remember that each dining package gives you a different amount of food. You are not going to have unlimited food coming your way.

  3. Tickets

    Ticket prices are the same for everyone who enters the Disney Parks. However, ticket prices drop steeply when you add extra days to your package. Tickets may cost over $100 per person for one day, but the additional days on your tickets may only cost in the neighborhood of $5 a person.

    You need to choose your tickets based on the number of days you plan to be in the parks, but you have to be prepared for them to be expensive. Tickets are the single most costly item of a Disney vacation.

  4. Travel

    Travel costs are typically not included with Disney vacation packages. People who are travelling to Disney Parks cannot purchase travel in addition to their Disney plan. People who are taking Disney cruises may be able to purchase airfare to get to the ship.

    Disney vacation packages are all-inclusive to an extent. Going to a Disney park gives you a hotel room, food, and tickets. However, you will still need money for your souvenirs, extra snacks, and wheelchair or stroller rentals. The vacation will be magical, but you will have extra costs whether you like it or not.

Last Updated: July 11, 2017