a honeymooning couple cheers cocktails in a hammock

Affordable Honeymoons Destinations

You can have a great honeymoon without breaking the budget. You're taking your post wedding trip to relax and enjoy each other's company, not spend every minute worrying about what it is costing you to travel.

There are a number of destinations which can be economical, yet still offer you a memorable honeymoon. Depending on the time of year of your wedding, you can also visit to a top destination by traveling during the off-season. Hawaii and Florida, for example, can even be economical during June, July, and August, and especially if you avoid the major family tourist destinations in Florida. Here's a rundown of some economical honeymoon destinations, and why they are good picks. Our list estimates each of these trips can be made for less than $2,500:


Honolulu, on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, is ultra romantic but doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg, for two reasons: staying at a hotel just off the beach, instead of directly on it, can save you a bundle of money, and the island contains a whole host of tourist type attractions that cost little or nothing.


Formerly one of Europe's most expensive destinations, Ireland has become very reasonable to visit, and package tours that include air, hotel, and a rental car can be very economical. For the best deals, skip Dublin and fly right into Shannon airport, grab your car, and head for the romantic scenery and quaint inns of Ireland's west coast. In addition to its rugged beauty, Ireland's people welcome visitors and are some of the world's best hosts.


The proliferation of all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica has had a positive effect for visitors. The mere presence of them has brought down prices considerably. With these all-inclusive resorts, virtually everything during your stay is included in the nightly room charge, including food, beverages (even alcohol), and sea and sand activities. Many charter airlines offer seasonal flights from major cities in North America, which can be very inexpensive if purchased ahead of time. With an all-inclusive honeymoon, you'll know how much you are going to spend before you even pack a bag.


Often overlooked as a destination by Americans, you can have the best of the Mediterranean on a very economical basis by visiting Croatia's Dalmatian coast. The good news is, you'll be there years before the rest of the U.S. even contemplates visiting so it will be less crowded! Croatia has beautiful beaches, quaint seaside villages with small boutique hotels and B&Bs.


Crave a visit to Europe but it's out of your money and time budget? Consider Montreal as a honeymoon destination. With the French cultural influence, great restaurants, and historical sites, Montreal can be a very romantic destination that isn't very far away from most of the U.S.

Puerto Rico

One of the Caribbean's best values, a little bit exotic, but solidly part of America, a visit to Puerto Rico can be an enjoyable and romantic honeymoon. Steeped with history, and packed with world renowned beaches and surfing destinations, another plus is American road rules (and car rental rates) apply, making exploring the entire island a breeze.

An ultra romantic honeymoon doesn't have to be something you can't afford. By choosing your destination and timing carefully, you and your new spouse can have a memorable time and come home with money to spare.

Last Updated: July 03, 2017