7 Awesome Airport Eateries

If you are a frequent traveler and are looking for special food at various airports, here are seven suggestions for genuinely delicious cuisine.

  1. The Salt Lick BBQ
    Austin-Bergstrom International Airport: Food Court, Gate 12

    You'll find world-famous authentic Texas food such as smokehouse barbecue turkey, signature beef brisket, pork ribs, sausage, and a huge stuffed potato.

  2. Amy’s Ice Creams
    Austin-Bergstrom Airport: Food Court

    Grab dessert in the form of an innovative homemade ice cream cone from a wall of unique flavors. Choose from Oreo Crush, Mexican Vanilla, Reese's Crush, Sweet Cream, Sweet Leaf Original, and lots of other endless customized mix-ins.

  3. Five Guys
    Washington-Dulles International Airport: Concourse A and B

    Featuring made-to-order high-quality beef hamburgers and cheeseburgers served with copious amounts of fresh-cut French fries or a Cajun style Idaho potato is the specialty. Add on as many toppings as you want from a choice of barbecue sauce, onions, jalapenos, hot sauce, mushrooms, and more. President Obama orders his cheeseburger with tomato, lettuce, jalapenos, and mustard.

  4. Shapiro’s Delicatessen
    Indianapolis Airport: Gate B14

    Named “the best Jewish deli in the Midwest," the sandwiches are phenomenal. Well-recommended is the Reuben served on hand-sliced fresh rye bread.

  5. Ivar’s Seafood Bar
    Memphis Airport, Tennessee: Gate B4

    Although a local fast-food seafood chain, it is top quality. There is usually a lengthy line waiting especially for the huge portions of fish and chips, yummy smoked salmon and other chowders and crispy crab cakes.

  6. Chef Jimmy’s Bistro
    Denver International Airport: Concourse Center

    Included in over 40 options are Chicken Marsala and a Marinated Skirt Steak with basil, tomato, and a balsamic glaze. If you prefer, you can get a simple burger or a panini. A plus is that it is the only place open in the entire airport that serves alcohol past 9:30 p.m., which means something for those taking the red-eye.

  7. One Flew Over
    Atlanta International Airport: Food Court

    This trendy dining establishment serves cocktails and excellent entrees such as a delectable sushi roll and a pork belly concoction.

Last Updated: July 05, 2016