40 Most Out-of-the-Box Things Seized by the TSA

40 Most Out-of-the-Box Things Seized by the TSA. When we fly, we expect a certain amount of safety. We don’t want any unsafe items on our flights—unless they’re wielded by professionals like on-flight agents. While we’d all like to believe in the trust system, people still try to go through the airport with weapons. Some of them simply forget that there’s a knife hidden in an everyday article of clothing, but others intentionally try to hide their items and attempt to board a flight.

Our security falls on one primary entity: The Transportation Security Administration (TSA). The TSA catches a lot of flak for some of its practices, but we’re not sure we can completely blame them. With the stuff they see on a daily basis, it’s almost surprising that they don’t take things a step further.  TSA workers are just doing their job. 

The truth is, with the TSA, we are undoubtedly safer when flying. In 2014 alone, the TSA seized more than 2,000 guns. Just three years later in 2017, TSA found more than 4,000 guns.  The rules are pretty reasonable. If it's not an explosive or a firearm, you're probably allowed to bring it on the plane. That is, as long as you get those items checked. Anything found in your carry-on is fair game for a search and seizure that could have easily been avoided. That does leave us with one question, though. What else have people unsuccessfully tried to take on an airplane?

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