30 Unexpected U.S. Cities You Need to See

We live for vacation. Sure, we want a job that we love, a house with great curbside appeal, and a golden retriever (or a fat cat), but really, we can’t wait to leave it all. We live for the week (or two) a year where our job lets us (or pays us) to leave, where we don’t have to clean up our curb, and where someone else has to take the dog out. We live for the week where we can go somewhere, sit down, and not worry about a thing.

Most people limit themselves too much. Thousands of people flock to the beaches, only to scrabble with hundreds of others over a ridiculously tiny piece of real estate. Others flee to the mountains only to get stuck in a ski lift with someone they don’t know, someone who really should have showered the night before. Others go to L.A. or New York, but really, you’ve seen the movies. You know what it’s like. The traffic is worse than your home city’s, the food is three times as expensive, and it just feels cliché.

That’s where these cities come into play. They aren’t cliché. They’ve got a healthy level of tourism, but not so much that it will be crowded or overdone. They’ll have everything you want at a fraction of the cost. Read through and plan away, my friend.

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