30 Unbelievable Places That Are Illegal to Visit

30 Unbelievable Places That Are Illegal to Visit. While some of these destinations might sound intriguing, you’re better off opting for a more accessible adventure. From the most pristine piece of earth to an island where snakes slither at the top of the food chain, these 30 prohibited places are best experienced from a distance. More importantly, it's illegal for you to visit!

Some are far-flung and abroad. Take Heard Island, for instance. It is probably closest to Antarctica than anywhere else, which makes getting to it difficult anyway. At least for Americans, there are entire countries that are off limits. Our government doesn't allow us to take pleasure tours to Cuba or North Korea. But there are places much closer to home that are illegal to visit. That's right! There are places within the United States that you are banned from visiting.

North Brother Island is one such example. It is located in the middle of the East River between the Bronx and Queens, yet no one is allowed to step foot on the island as it is considered a bird sanctuary. And that's in the middle of a metro area of around 20 million people! Just imagine what else is out there that's illegal to visit!

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