30 Most Bizarre Museums in the United States

30 Most Bizarre Museums in the United States. What if you spent your vacation visiting one of these places? Hear us out. Vacations are fantastic. They’re a time to relax and get a little R&R with the family. Many people choose to go to sunny beaches to swim while others select towering mountains to hike and enjoy scenes that will take your breath away. Then again, some of us like something a little different. Instead of nature, we go to museums to learn, but it isn’t all stuffy history. Some museums focus on super strange stuff that no one really thinks about.

When you imagine a museum, you probably picture something like the Smithsonian or the National Gallery. They have some of the best pieces of history in the whole world, but there’s more to offer elsewhere! While those are some of the most acclaimed museums in the country, you’re missing out on the truly unique.

Did you know that there is a museum in Minnesota that’s dedicated to SPAM? I mean, we love SPAM as much as the next person, but to devote a museum to it? Well, it’s surprisingly enjoyable, and plenty of people visit it every year. The SPAM museum isn’t even the strangest thing we found.

We’ve found 30 museums that are genuinely strange and break the norm in ways you never thought about. These places highlight something you probably never thought about, but you’re sure to have fun when you visit! Without further ado, here are the 30 strangest museums around the United States.

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