30 American Traditions Spreading Abroad

Anyone that's lived in the United States their whole life may feel like they don’t have a culture. After all, we see Dios De Las Muertos in Mexico or Holi in India and wonder, “Why don’t we have anything like that?” Well, the United States is a huge melting pot of cultures, which makes it hard to celebrate one thing in particular, but it’s crazy to say that we don’t have our own, special culture!

There are certain things that Americans have been doing for years, and we do them every year regardless of what’s going on. These are our traditions. Whether it’s a holiday or a time to buy items at deep, deep discounts, they’re our traditions.

We’ve made a list of 30 American traditions and customs that you can spot, even if you’re abroad. No matter where you are, you’re sure to feel a little more at home when you’re able to participate in these things!

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