30 American Things That Don't Exist Abroad

30 American Things That Don't Exist Abroad. We do things a little differently around here, and that desire to stand out has given rise to some pretty crazy stuff. Our love for the suburbs has led to car culture unrivaled in most other countries. Because of this, cities sprawl for miles and miles, unlike our European counterparts.

Don't expect to find large, sweeping interstate highways cutting through the European countryside. Most long-distance roads in Europe are two-lane affairs, but in America, we need four or more divided lanes. And, particularly for you Southern readers, expect your tea to be just a little bit different. Iced tea is a uniquely Southern U.S. phenomenon. Don't expect ice cubes when it's tea time in England.

The condiments you know and love at restaurants are little different too. The British prefer to dip their fries in mayonnaise, not ketchup. And even their ketchup has more sugar in it than the statewide version. It tastes sweeter instead of tangy. And that's all dependent upon you finding good American-style fries in the first place.

We export a lot of our culture overseas, but you won't find these things abroad. Here are 30 things that could only come from the U.S.!

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