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3 Tips for Caribbean Cruise Packing

Many people enjoy embarking on a cruise when it's time for their yearly vacation or whenever spare time is available. Taking a cruise is a wonderful way to relax and enjoy a new adventure, but choosing to take an amazing Caribbean cruise may prove to be the one trip you will enjoy most. Unfortunately, many people aren't aware of how to pack properly for a Caribbean cruise, and this can take a lot of the fun and excitement out of your trip.

  1. Too Much Clothing

    You want to look great on your trip, but you need to resist the urge to over-pack. Since many of your Caribbean cruise activities may be water-based, go ahead and pack up to three bathing suits and covers. Most cruise ships plan some formal dinners and events, so it's also a good idea to pack no more than three formal wear outfits that include shoes. Otherwise, consider how many days you will be on your cruise and pack accordingly. Remember to bring shorts, light shirts and blouses, sundresses, lightweight pants or slacks, sandals, and a good pair of walking shoes. It's no fun to have to carry around everything you own, and you must remember that the ship will either offer laundry service or provide you with the option to wash your own clothing. You can also maximize your luggage space by using a few simple techniques such as laying easily-wrinkled clothing items flat on the bottom of your suitcase, tightly rolling up other clothing items before packing them, and letting your shoes double as holders for whatever may fit inside them.

  2. Weather Changes

    Don't let your trip be ruined by becoming sick from a sunburn your first day on-board. Bring good quality sunscreen, sun glasses, a good lip moisturizer, and a nice sun hat with a clasp to keep the wind from taking it away from you. You must also consider the fact that you may encounter some rainy and windy cooler weather during your trip. You don't want to get stuck inside your cabin if this happens, so be prepared by packing items such as an umbrella, windbreaker, rain jacket, or poncho.

  3. Day Trips

    Remember, your ship will make several stops to give you time to explore many new places. You will want to bring a day pack to carry a water bottle, camera, sunscreen, bug repellant, phone, souvenirs you may purchase during your visit, electronic translator, and any other items you may need. Resealable waterproof plastic bags are a great way to carry prescription medications you must take at a certain time or over-the-counter medications such as aspirin for a surprise headache. They are also good for holding necessary identification, any electronics, and snacks.

Last Updated: June 16, 2017