25 Best Fishing Destinations for Reeling in the Big One

25 Best Fishing Destinations for Reeling in the Big One. Sport and recreational fishing both have seen a recent increase in interest. On a planet that's covered in over 70% of water, there are plenty of ways to get started. Fishing is a popular sport and hobby that has spread across all corners of the globe for centuries, and there are some truly incredible fishing destinations out there in the world. How do you even get started? There are thousands upon thousands of different species of fish to choose from, and each one has different requirements and places to be found. Fishing involves communing with nature while conquering it at the same time. 

In order to help you get started, or just to give you some new ideas on where to go next, we've found some great places that allow you to do both. Whether you'd prefer domestic or international fishing opportunities, there is no shortage of fantastic fishing opportunities, and both take you to see some incredibly beautiful sights. And we're not just talking about the massively monstrous fish you can find in some of these places!

No matter what type of fishing you prefer, sport or recreational, these places give you the opportunity to do either. So, dive right in! Here's a collection of 25 of the best fishing destinations around the world! We promise there's nothing fishy about these places!

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