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20 Travel Photos That Will Make You Want to Take a Road Trip

Living Life on the Edge

Cool photo, but you probably don’t want to try this at home! Seriously. This is something you should not try yourself. Yes, you. 

(image via idletheorybus)

European Adventure

Don’t forget to get out of the car and enjoy the scenery!

(image via wanderlustcompass)

Best Buds

Dogs are certainly man’s best friend--especially on road trips!

(image via mrandmrs_van)

Lake Life

Your problems will seem small next to this immense lake.

(image via possumsha)


Feel the breeze on your skin and the sand on your toes!

(image via anne_____m)

Looking Back

Never forget to look back at where you’ve already been!

(image via zofi_s)

Texas Skyline

New York isn’t the only city with a breathtaking skyline.

(image via lexxiedee4)

Cannon Beach

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but Oregon has beaches that rival Florida!

(image via ra5mu592)

Big Sky

Some of the best moments and memories are made without ever leaving the road.

(image via powerofvisuals)

Behind the Scenes

Behind all those picture perfect Instagram photos is usually a little bit of life!

(image via mrliebling4)

Strike a Pose

Make sure there are no cars for miles around if you’re going to try this!

(image via tklivebeautiful)

Daring Selfie

Don’t drop your phone!

(image via minivermeulen)

Castle on a Hill

The perfect addition to your bucket list!

(image via petracervikova)

Travel in Style

When you’re in pretty places, remember to wear pretty things!

(image via sjuloves)

VW Camper Love

A VW camper is the classic road trip vehicle!

(image via sashaarms)

Horseshoe Bend

Adventure is just around the bend!

(image via terrob)

Furry Co-Pilot

Furry co-pilots are the best because they’ll never give you the wrong directions!

(image via ex_patracaar)

Icy Roads

The ride is part of the adventure.

(image via themilemuncher)

Waist Deep in Adventure

Soak up every moment of your getaway.

(image via dangollain)

Jump for Joy

Be yourself, and enjoy yourself!

(image via lydia.leyland)