20 American Cities with Iconic Foods

We Americans are proud people. (Maybe too proud, but that’s a different conversation.) We have some of the most beautiful land in the world, great entertainment, and of course, the best food on the planet. Of course, most of our favorite foods are just the result of us copying other countries (See: tacos; hot dogs; Chinese Food), but we’ve managed to at least take these foods, put our own twists on them, and call them our own with pride.

This transformation had to take place somewhere, meaning some foods are super popular in some cities. They’re iconic there, sometimes to the point that the food was named after the city. In some places, this is because immigrant populations grew so much that we saw a rise in a specific style. In other places, we created something great and history spread it across the nation. In all cases, these foods are known everywhere in the States, but you’ll only get the best of the best if you go to the iconic city it’s from.

Bear in mind: these foods are not healthy. They’re mouthwatering, beautiful, and delicious, but American foods are typically not good for your health. These are no exception. Consume at your own risk.

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