15 Strangest Superstitions by Country

In the United States, we have a lot of strange superstition. Have you ever heard someone say “knock on wood" when they said something and then proceed to actually knock on wood? It’s supposed to keep something bad from happening or maybe give them good luck. Funnily enough, that superstition came from somewhere else. It actually originated from England during the medieval era. Back then, several churches claimed that some of the wood in their building was the same wood that Jesus was crucified on. It "crossed the pond,” and made its way to America where we’re still knocking on wood to this day!

That’s not the only strange superstitions in the world. There are several odd things that people do to ward off bad luck, get good luck, and several other things. Difficult cultures tend to bring a new look on life!

We spent some time scouring superstitions from other countries to find some that are truly odd. We’re not going to say they don’t work, but we are going to say that they’re strange. Here are 15 you have to know. Who knows – maybe there’s a little bit of truth to them, and they may help you in the long run?

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