15 Most Interesting Museums in the World

Do you want to go on vacation? There are tons of places that you can go including the beach or mountains. You could explore the great outdoors as they were meant to be explored! As great as that is, some of us don’t really like hiking or swimming. Heck, some of us would rather take a trip to learn something. Going to another place gives us the chance to learn about another culture and history. While you could do it at home, it’s a lot different when you can actually see artifacts from a strange time and place.

Some museums focus on teaching people about the quirkier aspects of human culture, and those are the ones we want to focus on. Forget about stuffy artwork and old dinosaur bones. We’re talking about museums that highlight things about our species that others have forgotten about – yeah, we’re talking about ramen noodles and toilets. Who knew you could learn so much about toilets?! Okay, well, maybe some people may not want to go to a toilet museum, but that’s because they’ve never seen Napoleon’s bathroom.

Today we’re going to go over museums that break the norm and go far into the right field. These places are a tribute to the things about human culture that we forgot about or take for granted. They’re worth a visit just to say you’ve seen some pretty odd stuff in your time. After all, when are you ever going to be able to say “I went to a museum dedicated to scientifically weird animals.”   

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