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15 Fastest-Growing Cities in the U.S.

Buckeye, Arizona

2014 Population: 59,500
Yearly Increase: 4.5%

Buckeye is a western suburb of the Phoenix metro area. Not only has the city (newly upgraded from a "town") seen explosive growth last year, Buckeye has also grown 600% since the year 2000!


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Pleasanton, California

New Braunfels, Texas

2014 Population: 66,400
Yearly Increase: 4.8%

New Braunfels is just outside of San Antonio. You might know the city as the home of Schlitterbahn, the "Cedar Point" of water parks. Besides its summer weather activities, the city also hosts a German festival every November known as Wurstfest.

Irvine, California

2014 Population: 248,500
Yearly Increase: 4.8%

Irvine is the most populous city on the list and is located about an hour southeast of Los Angeles. Even though the city has a booming population, it still remains one of the safest in the country, particularly among cities with over 100,000 residents.

Dublin, California

2014 Population: 54,700
Yearly Increase: 4.9%

Just 25 miles away from Oakland lies Dublin (yes, named after the capital of Ireland). True to its namesake, Dublin hosts an annual St. Patrick's Day 5K run/walk and parade, one of the largest around.

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Castle Rock, Colorado

2014 Population: 55,700
Yearly Increase: 4.9%

Located between Denver and Colorado Springs, Castle Rock continuously ranks as one of the best places to live in the U.S. by various publications, including Family Circle and Money. Unless you are prairie dog, that is. The town rid a nearby prairie dog colony, the largest in the state, to put up a mall.

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Meridian, Idaho

2014 Population: 87,700
Yearly Increase: 5.1%

Meridian is just a stone's throw away from the Idaho capital of Boise.  With over 250 days of sunshine and an above average median income, what isn't to like about this city?

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Milpitas, California

2014 Population: 73,700
Yearly Increase: 5.1%

In the heart of Silicon Valley, the city of Milpitas has the highest percentage of residents that work in the computer and electronics industry, for both men and women. That's just ahead of Apple's nearby home base of Cupertino, California.

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McKinney, Texas

2014 Population: 156,800
Yearly Increase: 5.1%

Just north of Dallas is the nation's former fastest-growing city, McKinney. In the early 2000s, McKinney led the way for population acquisition, but things have since tapered off just a little.

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Conroe, Texas

2014 Population: 65,900
Yearly Increase: 5.2%

At one time during the 1930s, Conroe boasted more millionaires than any other U.S. city thanks to the local oil boom. While things aren't going quite that well today, the city has seen a boom in new housing growth and an influx of new residents and businesses.

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South Jordan, Utah

2014 Population: 62,800
Yearly Increase: 5.7%

This Salt Lake City suburb is famous for its 27 parks featuring trails, fishing ponds, and other natural habitats. It's an outdoorsman's Western paradise. If you choose to move here, be sure to say hello to neighbor and gold medalist Apolo Anton Ohno.

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Frisco, Texas

2014 Population: 145,000
Yearly Increase: 5.8%

Texas dominates the top 5 fastest-growing cities in the country, occupying the most spots, including the top two. Frisco has seen the largest growth of any Northern Texas community. CNN and Forbes both listed it as one of the best places in the country to live.

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Doral, Florida

2014 Population: 54,100
Yearly Increase: 7.0%

Doral is the highest listed non-Texas city. Part of the Miami area, the city has a large percentage of Latino residents, particularly of Venezuelan heritage, prompting the nickname "Doralzuela." The city's mayor is the first Venezuelan-born mayor in Florida.

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Georgetown, Texas

2014 Population: 59,100
Yearly Increase: 7.6%

The top two spots go to cities located near Austin, Texas. About 30 minutes north of downtown, Georgetown is noted for its red poppy flowers and the Victorian architecture of both businesses and residences. The city is also notable as a retirement hub thanks to Sun City Texas, a community for only those aged 55 or older that boasts 11,000 residents.

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San Marcos, Texas

2014 Population: 58,900
Yearly Increase: 7.9%

On Austin's southern side, in between downtown and San Antonio, is San Marcos, Texas. The city makes numerous best-of lists, including "Best Place to Raise Your Kids" and "Most Exciting Small Cities in America."

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