35 American Customs That Baffle Foreign Tourists

Have you ever heard someone say that Americans don’t have customs? Well, that’s just a load of bologna! Americans have as many traditions as anyone else in the world – it’s just that we’re not used to seeing them here in America. We’re used to doing things on specific dates. For example, we’re used to gathering together on Thanksgiving to have a great feast with our family and friends. It may not seem like much to you, but this act is a part of our custom; so is eating copious amounts of food on the day and wanting to take a long nap.

American culture is often synonymous with "Western culture." Western culture is becoming extremely popular, which means our media is going everywhere. Movies and TV shows made in the U.S. are shown all across the world and have nearly universal fan bases. The same goes for U.S. musicians who embark upon record-breaking world tours. It’s giving other people the chance to see what it’s like being an American, whether it’s good or bad.

However, there is a flipside to this aspect. Certain aspects of our culture that aren't practiced elsewhere and can seem a little…strange, to say the least. America does many things well, but we also have some quirks. Our customs, in particular, can seem strange to someone from another country, just like when we visit another country and find out they don’t do something we’re used to. Here are 35 things that our tourists are baffled by! 

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