12 Most Amazing Libraries in the World

The 12 Most Amazing Libraries in the World. Libraries are obviously more than just a giant place to hold all of your favorite books. Libraries are meeting places for book clubs and study groups and friend groups, learning centers that reflect the local culture, and an excellent resource for reading your favorite books for free—or just enjoying some real peace and quiet in the company of all of the classics. At these 12 unbelievable libraries from all around the world, however, you will definitely spend more time looking (read: marveling) at all of the gorgeous, breathtaking architecture of the libraries than you will actually spend looking at the pages in each book. If they don't take your breath away, @ us.

Ranging from expansive to minute and ornate to totally minimalist, these 12 amazing libraries from around the world are nothing like your simple library just down the street. They took years to build, and the effort was more than worth it. They're so beautiful that we've included not just one picture of each, but two! You might want to start writing out your bucket list or planning your wedding at one of these architectural beauties from all around the world!

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