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10 Unconventional Alternatives to Traditional Honeymoons

10. Revere Beach, Massachusetts

When people think of beaches, they don't think of New England. There's a reason for that. But amidst the swarms of angry gulls stealing Kelly's Roast Beef sandwiches from people, there's also much to enjoy. Kelly's Roast Beef, for instance, or the sand sculpture competition—and proximity to Boston, which is honestly where you'd probably spend most of your time.

(image via ekilby, CC)

9. Alaska

Lots of people think of beaches when they think of honeymoons, but who wants that? Vacationing to colder Alaska gives your an excuse to snuggle, and the scenery around you is going to be striking enough to make an impression on those rare occasions that you do venture out into it.

8. Space

Okay, this is really only an option for billionaires at the moment, but it's getting cheaper. If you just now got engaged, maybe it'll be an option by the time you're married. It's probably too structured of an experience for you and your spouse to go all Moonraker, but on the other hand, you're in space!

7. A Tree House Hotel

tree house resort makes a great getaway—it's the perfect blend of living in harmony with nature and being incredibly pampered. Breathtaking views of green scenery, posh accommodations, and that indescribable happiness you get from being just a little bit off the ground combine to set a joyful mood for a honeymoon.

(image via Tony Guyton, CC)

6. Craters of the Moon National Monument

Okay, so it's not the real moon, and they aren't really craters. Still, this otherworldly landscape is an unusual getaway. The landscape is basically a gigantic lava field, a desolate plain that's been bleak for 15,000 years. It's striking to look at, and it makes the sunrise and sunset gorgeous. What's better for a honeymoon than a beautiful sunset?

5. Dollywood

That's right: Dollywood. Dolly Parton is amazing, and this is her theme park. Nestled in the Smoky Mountains at Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, Dollywood has the full theme park experience—including the first wing coaster ever built in America. You'll be supporting a philanthropist and champion of literacy and equal rights. You'll also experience down-home charm, lots of music, and the look on your friends faces when they ask where you went for your honeymoon.

(image via scragz, CC)

4. Take a Road Trip

Rent an RV, plan a route, and just go. You could take the music-inspired road trip we laid out for you, or do your own thing. The United States is a huge country with incredible variety that most people don't really experience fully. The range of landscapes and climates is broader than you can imagine unless you've lived it. Besides, if you spend a week or two on the road with someone and can still look at them afterwards, you know your marriage is rock solid.

3. Farm Stay

Farm stays are common in much of the world, but the idea is just starting to catch on in America. A farm stay isn't a bed and breakfast, and it's not about pampering the guests. It's just a chance to get away from city life for awhile and pitch in with some physical work. See what the stars are supposed to look like, away from city lights. Tend to animals most people don't get to see anymore. Learn new skills and become more self-sufficient, and know, too, that you spent your time relaxing, but also helping someone make an honest living.

2. Meteor Crater

You know how in action movies dangerous situations make heroes realize how brief and fragile life is, leading to an incredibly passionate moment? The Meteor Crater in Arizona is like that, but on a cosmic scale. For some people, it's a fascinating geology lesson. For others, it's a chance to stare into the abyss, think about how tenuous our hold on this planet is, then go back to the hotel room and try not to think about it.

1. Go Nuts - Locally!

Think of all the weird, ridiculous stuff you've always wanted to try. Maybe you've always wanted to go to a trampoline park, or do indoor skydiving, or see what laser tag is like as an adult. Here's what you do: you take your honeymoon budget, travel somewhere close, and spend the money doing all of that goofy stuff that you've always wanted to do but wouldn't let yourself. Start married life out as carefree as possible. 

(image via heipei, CC)