10 Travel Experiences That Are Overrated

It’s time to plan the family vacation! If you’re looking for somewhere new to go, it can be a little tough to find a place that everyone agrees with. Of course, you could always look at where everyone else goes. Surely, if thousands of people visit an area, that means that it’s great, right? Well, that’s true for some destinations. If you can look past the thousands of people that had the same idea as you, some places are super fun to visit.

That being said, some locations can’t say the same thing. Travelling opens you up to incredible experiences, but some places are surrounded by myths that make you waste your hard-earned money. They’re perpetuated by people that want to sound worldly without leaving their couch. You know the ones we’re talking about. Most often, travel writers do a great job of making a place seem like a fantastic vacation when it’s really just crap – to put it lightly. In reality, they don’t travel as much as they probably should. They do a little research and then regurgitate what they find.

What you should base your experience off of are stories told by those that actually went to the location. The stories are pretty easy to find, but we did the hard work for you. We found some commonly recommended places that are pretty dang disappointing. People claim it’s overrated because it merely is. 

What do you think about our list? Are any of these destinations worth the trip?

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