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10 Private Islands for Under $1 Million

10. Small Island

(Wohoa Bay, Maine)
Price: $39,999

The cheapest island we could find isn't exactly an exotic paradise, but how many of your friends can say they own their own island. You won't even need a passport to get there or worry about foreign taxes since this small island lies off the rocky coast of Maine. Plus, it already has a gazebo. At high tide, however, the top of the island is only around the size of a large backyard.

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9. Inishbigger Island

(Galway County, Ireland)
Price: $92,861

The North Atlantic might get chilly, but who can argue with 13 acres of the Emerald Island for under $100,000? It's completely untouched and awaiting whatever development you have in mind. The only downside is that the mainland is just a few yards away. That's not exactly private.

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8. Leader Island

(Nova Scotia, Canada)

When you buy this 11-acre property gem off the coast of Nova Scotia you won't have to worry about parking or a dock. They're already available for your use. Groceries and bowling (yes, bowling!) are only 10 minutes away on the mainland. Plus, the bustling big city of Halifax is only 30 minutes away, making this the perfect balance of accessible seclusion.

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7. Hangover Island

(Ozello, Florida)

This is 40 acres of undeveloped Florida island all to yourself. It's not your typical beachy island, however. Located right in the middle of the Florida Everglades, your neighbors will be manatees as they migrate through the local waters. This property lies just 2 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and is only 2 hours from Disney World.

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6. Secret Island

(Stann Creek District, Belize)
Price: $350,000

Now we're getting somewhere, and we aren't even at the half-million dollar mark. This Belize island is currently covered in mangrove trees, but the inland grasses make the perfect place to build a house. Another plus is the shallow water surrounding the entire island. Go out as far as 30 feet into the ocean still only yields a depth of about 3 feet.

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5. Tahifehifa Island

(Vava'u, Tonga)

You might not be familiar with Tonga, but let's get familiar with this South Pacific island that is calling your name. Lush trees with island birds, sandy turtle-filled beaches, and waters teeming with whales are just the beginning of this natural paradise that you could soon call home. It's definitely a steal for under $400,000.

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4. Isla Paloma

(Bocas del Toro Province, Panama)
Price: $400,000

Looking for an island that's move-in ready, no building required? We've found the perfect one for you in Panama! Although it's small, it already has a house, sunning area, boathouse/dock, and boardwalk. You can see the mainland just across the water so you're never too far from actual society. It's just right.

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3. Pink Pearl Island

(Pearl Cays, Nicaragua)

If you're really looking to get away, Pink Pearl Island has what you're looking for. The island sits 35 minutes from the nearest town, but don't worry. You can arrange for helicopter charters, even though boat travel is preferred. But where's the fun in that? Through the trees are ready-made cabanas (pink, of course) as well as a pool. 

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2. Cirella Island

(Calabria Region, Italy)

Not all of the good private islands are in the Caribbean. This Mediterranean property is 27 acres of rocky Italian history. Complete with ruins of a military tower, Cirella Island gives you the perfect vantage point to look down on all the activity  of the Tyrrhenian Sea off Italy's western coast.

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1. Temple Island

(Queensland, Australia)

Near the top of our $1 million price range is Temple Island, off the coast of northeastern Australia. Situated near the famous Great Barrier Reef, this 21-acre island features tons of beachfront, a quaint bungalow amongst the trees, and a grassy airstrip. Now you have a place to fly that private regional airplane you always wanted.

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