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10 Places Where Public Nudity is No Big Deal

Hedonism II

Negril, Jamaica

The name of this resort makes it an immediate must-have entry on this list: "Hedonism II: Because the original hedonism wasn't good enough." Apparently the resort's reputation was beyond risqué at one point. While they've tried to tone it down some, the resort is still described as "a sandbox for your inner child," and visitors are encouraged to talk to strangers.

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Wreck Beach

Vancouver, Canada

Wreck Beach is Canada's most famous clothing-optional beach. It's actually a remote segment of Acadia Beach. The beach is protected and maintained by the Wreck Beach Preservation Society, who handle everything from cleanup to etiquette to making sure that the guests feel safe. The beach adjoins the University of British Columbia, and it's not uncommon to find students and professors alike relaxing here.


Hippie Hollow

Austin, Texas

Of course, Texas' premiere naturist beach was going to be near Austin. Where else could it be? Hippie Hollow is a clothing-optional park tucked away in the Texas Hill Country region. The park includes a beach on Lake Travis and sees an annual boat party by the Hill Country Nudists.



CHM Montalivet

Vendays-Montalivet, France

This was actually the world's first naturist holiday resort, and it's a big one. Founded by Christiane and Albert Lecocq (yes, seriously), the sprawling resort has some 1,000 privately-owned residences, as well as spots for RVs and campsites. CHM Montalivet has sports facilities, restaurants, a theater, a library, and of course, the beach. The resort is family-oriented, and you will need a membership to the International Naturist Federation to stay here.


Valalta Naturist Camp

 Rovinj, Croatia

Valalta Naturist Camp is a beautiful resort on the Adriatic Sea boasting a marina, gorgeous pools and beaches, and a wide variety of sports facilities. The resort's Boarding Restaurant has a buffet breakfast and dinner specializing in seafood and fresh meat, and there's even an eco-friendly onsite brewery.


Bold & Naked Yoga Class

New York City

Joschi Schwarz and Monika Werner teach a variety of classes centered around Vinyasa Yoga. Both coed and men's classes are offered in clothed and naked settings. They describe the nudity as an important component, however, both in terms of seeing and understanding what your body is doing as you exercise, and in terms of being comfortable with yourself.


Samurai Beach

Tomaree National Park, Australia

Located near One Mile, New South Wales, Samurai Beach is unique among nudist areas in Australia. It's more than just a beach; it's a bit of a camp, one that embraces newcomers but also some people who have been visiting for upwards of 20 years. All of Australia's natural beauty is here in full force—the water is pristine, the sand is a gorgeous white, and the company is as convivial as it gets. The annual nude beach carnival draws 200 to 300 people from across the country.


Red Rock Beach

Stinson Beach, California

California has had a rocky relationship with public nudity, lately, as formerly-friendly San Francisco has begun to crack down. That said, there are still plenty of clothing-optional beaches, even though the weather is a little cool for it. Just south of Stinson Beach is Red Rock Beach. Of all of the purportedly clothing-optional beaches in the area, Red Rock is one of the most-established from a legal standpoint and consequently one of the least-harrassed.


Hidden Beach Resort

Riviera Maya, Mexico

Hidden Beach Resort is a clothing-optional, upscale, adult resort. There are 42 suites across two buildings, including swim-up suites with direct access to the artificial river running through the property. The all-inclusive accommodations extend to dining at the El Dorado resort next door, though you will have to put on some clothes if you're planning on venturing over. 


Caliente Resort

Land O' Lakes, Florida

Caliente actually has clothing-optional resorts in both Tampa and in the Dominican Republic. From massages and fitness classes at the spa to "like-minded adults" at the lagoon pools, Caliente Resorts promises an experience unlike any other in the United States. Because of the nature of the resort—being a for-profit nudist resort in the United States—you do have to purchase a club membership to attend.