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10 Places Americans Can’t Visit

Saudi Arabia

Not only is it nearly impossible to get a Saudi visa, once you have one, you still might not be able to step foot on their soil. If you are a woman, it is even more difficult. You will need a local sponsor who will meet you at the airport. Before you leave Saudi Arabia to come home, you will need the permission of both the sponsor and your husband.



There has been a recent shift in the relationship between the United States and Cuba. American travelers to Cuba must fall into one of the following categories: “people-to-people travel” or “travel for the transmission of informational materials.” Then, you have to get a visa through the Cuban government. While travel isn't expressly forbidden, it is a little trickier than just purchasing a plane ticket.

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After you get a certificate of accommodation from the Algerian government, book a hotel room, and get your hands on a letter of invitation from a travel agency inside the country. Even then, it is still not likely that you will be approved. If you do make it over, kidnapping is incredibly high in the country.



There are many American citizens in Iraq, but you might not want to go through what they did to get there. The war efforts have made it even more difficult to get to the Middle East than it was before.



Because of the pirates, it can be pretty difficult to get to Somalia. To go, you need a sponsor and invitation letter.  It's no wonder why Somalia is the second-least visited country on the planet.

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Since there isn’t an Iranian Embassy in the United States, you’ll have to use the Pakistani Embassy in Washington. From there, you will only be able to visit the country in a guided group tour. If you have been to Israel before, then they probably won’t let you get a travel visa due to political tensions.



When you are taking your religious journey, you will have to skip this section of the Holy Land. Getting a visa from Syria has no definite time frame, so it could take years if they do accept your application. You will already need to have purchased your plane ticket, even though you won’t know whether or not you will be able to actually use it.



Once again, you can come here, but only if you enlist in the military. Whether or not you make it to Afghanistan depends entirely on your priorities.

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Before knowing whether or not you will be able to go to Angola, you will need a $450 letter of invitation, an Algerian visa, an airline ticket, and a hotel room booked. This in no way guarantees that you will get into the country, though.

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North Korea

It actually is possible to visit North Korea, but only technically. You aren’t likely to be admitted, but if you are, you have to buy a package tour. This means that you have to book all of your meals before your trip. Like some of the others on this list, there is no North Korean Embassy in the States, so your visa would have to go through another country.

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