10 Best Cities for Staycations

Vacations are fantastic. You get to see things you’ve never seen before, and do things you may have never thought about doing – like ziplining! Everything feels different, but it doesn’t come without cost. Vacations are insanely expensive and cost a ton. Sometimes, your bank and wallet aren’t prepared for that kind of trip. Sure, you could go closer, but why not take a vacation and stay SUPER close?

We’re talking about a staycation. The staycation is hardly a new trend at this point, especially since it’s a cheap way to enjoy time with your family without draining your funds. Lots of people elect to stay at home and see the sights – things they never thought to see before.

The money you save on travel can be spent on better food or more exciting attractions. At the beginning of summer, WalletHub released a study of the best cities for having fun in town based on factors like parks, golf courses, swimming pools, zoos, and other local attractions.

We took an in-depth look at what makes the top 10 special. Our tip: if you live in these cities, think about exploring your own hometown rather than spending a ton going elsewhere. We promise it’ll be just as fun.

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